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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Natalie Wood Dominick Dunne Samantha Eggar Malibu August 8, 1965 Part 2

I've always, always admired Dominick Dunne but never had the courage to approach him about Natalie's death because I wasn't sure how close he was to the surviving Wagner family, even though his relationship with Natalie goes way back as this video shows. I simply did not want to intrude. He had had his share of tragedy, too, as his daughter was murdered by her boyfriend, and she was buried not far from Natalie's gravesite.

When the galley proofs were printed for "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour" I had no idea the editor at Phoenix Books had sent one to Dominick, who was hospitalized at the time, nearing his end. Dominick possessed a penchant for justice like no other and his writings and journals were always spot on the "right side of things." To have learned that GNGS was the last book he read, and that he gave his stamp of approval and told my editor, "I'm glad the truth of her death is out there now" is an honor I will take to my grave.

Natalie and Dominick admired each other so much. I will always admire both of them.

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