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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Charlie Sheen said "I will kill you" to his wife. Robert Wagner said, "Get off my f'ing boat"

According to the report filed by the arresting officer Rick Magnuson of the Aspen Police Department, Charlie Sheen became angry last week when his wife, Brooke Mueller, told him that she wanted to divorce him and take the children away.
Sheen allegedly straddled her on the bed and grabbed the upper part of her throat. He then allegedly put a knife to her throat and said, "You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I'll kill you."
Mueller then alleged that Sheen told her, "Your mother's money means nothing, I have ex-police I can hire who know how to get the job done and they won't leave any trace."
Sheen's wife then told the officer that she feared for her life and that Sheen only let her up when she apologized, telling him, "You're right, you're right, you're right. I'm sorry, I love you."

This is a prime example of a celebrity marital argument going too far, and the celebrity was caught because his wife feared for her life and dialed 911. (Smart move to expose the threat!)

Compared to Natalie Wood's death night in 1981, the Aspen episode comes eerily close. Natalie was angry enough to mention "divorce" during the height of her argument. Had she? Was that what sent Wagner into a hellbent level of action so there was no chance for Natalie? Would Charlie have gone further had his wife not called for help?
Spousal abuse is not limited to non-celebrity relationships. This past year, we saw in the news how Rihanna was bloodied and beaten by boyfriend, Chris Brown. We've followed the disturbing Tiger Woods' case. How many of us believe that Tiger's wife smashed in the rear window of his vehicle to "save him"?  The Charlie Sheen case, however, is the epitome of celebrity arrogance, having telling Brooke that he has "ex-police he can hire to get the job done" -- TO KILL HER!

It's another classic example of celebrity ego gone haywire: Charlie is in the prime of his TV career...a hit show on the air, popularity, and a wife who is as financially rich if not potentionally richer than he is.

When Inside Edition aired the Charlie Sheen scandal, what followed was the Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood segment based on Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour.  Apparently, Inside Edition, of all the segments they could choose to re-air, chose Natalie's mystery death, because the Charlie Sheen episode is nothing more than a repeat history scenario of what can go wrong ...

What would have happened if Charlie had gone all the way and slashed Brooke's throat? Does she believe that is an impossibility? Perhaps Inside Edition segment intended to show her and all of us that, yes, she easily could have had her life ended that night. She must have sensed it, too, because she started apologizing and pleading and agreeing with Sheen, perhaps just as Natalie had done when she realized she was IN the water and desperately needed help.

Chances are, had Natalie been saved, she may have forgiven her husband, just as Brooke may forgive hers. Charlie Sheen is now exposed and will probably never be able to pull off another attempted or actual murder. What he did IS attempted murder, but no doubt it will be swept under the celebrity rug of exemption. Do I doubt he would've done something horribly tragic? No, I don't doubt it one bit. Look what happened to Natalie Wood.

Celebrities are NOT the characters they play on the screen. They are capable of  horrible things, and what they bank on is that the public won't disquinquish between their on screen personlities and their real personalities, or that the public will forgive them because they play a good guy on TV. Please, realize what's at stake. The "alcohol level" of the intended victim is not the issue. The issue is celebrity privilege. It has gone too far through the years. Charlie Sheen and Robert Wagner both are guilty of a terrible thing: abuse. It's that plain, simple, and clear.


  1. Strange to think Robert Wagner was a season guest star on Charlie's show, Two and a Half Men. I agree they are both guilty of terrible acts.

  2. Marti, after reading GNGS, I have thought a lot about Wagner's quote that you mention above. He really wanted her off that boat, and that is exactly what he saw to. Combine that with his telling Dennis earlier in the trip, "Natalie came for a fun weekend with Christopher, and Natalie is going to get more than that." That's very chilling.

  3. Any progress? I really want to hear something good. The case needs to be reopened.

    Also, who is the person you mentioned in the MrMedia interview that wants to write a book and was threatened by lawyers?

  4. I just finished the book last night - what a well-written repertorial detailing the facts that were previously unknown! My question, however, continues to be: Did Wagner put the down-filled coat/jacket on Natalie to: 1). Weigh her down once she was in the water, so she would most likely drown?; 2). Ironically, to help her to float once she was in the water, so she might not drown and have a chance at surviving their terrible fight?; 3) or, to just make sure she was warm while they continued to fight out in the damp, cold weather at the back of the yacht? Just details rattling around in my head. Probably not important. Any answers or educated guesses? Thanks.

  5. I am sorry I didn't catch these questions earlier. What Dennis knows is that he saw Natalie on the deck without her jacket, yet she was found floating in it. We can all only surmise about this fact.