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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Every little bit helps - Haiti


There is devastation in Haiti from the earthquake that hit in and near the city of Port-au-Prince.

The paternal grandmother of my young grandson travels to Haiti several times a year on missions to help the Haitian people, many who live in unimaginable poverty. Each time she sets out for her trip, her friends and relatives clean out closets and give her clothing and items that get shipped through her church hosting the  missions. I've always admired she offers her time, services, and her goodwill, yet I was glad she was not there at the time of this disaster.

But many were there. And those who live in Haiti are in a living hell right now. They need help, assistance, medical, water and food, and much of their city will need to be rebuilt. There are so many generous people who will take the time to actually go to Haiti to assit with all these immediate needs. There are never enough funds to support it.

Americans have big hearts, and even in these trying times, in our own down-economy, so many of us will give what we can. Many people, however, do not realize that even a few dollars can be a huge help. Even $2 is worth the effort!
Celebrities are planning benefits now, and that usually helps tremendously, but funds are needed now. Please donate what you can. Even if only $5, please go to the link and donate it. If 100,000 people donate only $5 each, that adds up to a half a million dollars! This request is being Twittered by many, and is posted at many private blogs. People always can make a difference. Every dollar helps. Please contribute. Here's the link again to CNN's site that explains what the various organizations handle and where you can donate.


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  1. Marti, my friend has traveled to Haiti on missions, too. She never knew they had a fault line traveling right through the city! This disaster is so sad. She and I have collected about $170 we are donating to the American Cross. We've been using the social media for help, too. Katy