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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Readers: Please Help Natalie Wood's Case Petition

FAVOR ASKED OF ALL WHO VIEW THIS BLOG: Start the new year off by being a part of something important and meaningful. Please take a moment to send the message below to your email list. Ask your list to please forward to their lists. You can use the following message and/or add information of your own, especially if you have read Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour and certain information frustrates you. There was, at best, a shoddy original investigation into Natalie Wood's death. It deserves a review! MESSAGE:

Although the authorities claimed to have investigated the death of the esteemed late actress, Natalie Wood, it is one of the worst death case investigations in American history.  At the scene of this woman pulled lifeless from the ocean (she was deathly afraid of deep water), dressed in a nightgown and a coat, with bruises all over her body, and a yacht from where she went missing full of physical evidence suggesting a struggle or argument, three surviving cruise members (Natalie's husband, actor Robert Wagner, her co-star, actor Christopher Walken, and her boat captain, Dennis Davern) were not physically checked or detained for questioning. They were all allowed to go home and hire lawyers who essentially wrote the history on this case.
We are asking that you sign a petition to have the Wood case reviewed by authorities. New evidence CONTINUES TO SURFACE and this case warrants a fresh look. It is no longer acceptable that celebrities live under a separate justice system where they can say, do, and act as they please with no repercussion. Law enforcement cannot be allowed to look the other way, and old cases are as important as the new. We can no longer tolerate the obvious use of two separate justice systems: one for celebrities and another for us. Please sign the petition. It obligates you to nothing more than agreeing that this celebrity case be reviewed properly. We all would deserve as much for a mysterious death. Thank you.
You may sign anonymously...visit http://www.martirulli.blogspot.com/ for more information or go directly to petition at http://www.gopetition.com/online/31812.html   

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