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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No appeal for Jeffrey MacDonald

Jeffrey R. MacDonald - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An author I am acquainted with has asked a favor of me to post this message, and I am beyond willing to oblige. One of the very first True Crime cases I ever became involved with (by interest alone) was the MacDonald family massacre (this was a murder of the worst degree).
Pregnant Colette MacDonald and her two young daughters, Kim and Kristy, were slaughtered in their apartment home at Fort Bragg, NC.
Jeffrey MacDonald, Colette's husband and the girls' father was the only one in the apartment to survive.

This case received tons of media attention before becoming a bestselling book titled Fatal Vision by Joe McGinniss, and then was made into a TV Movie of the week.

This story is one of the worst in criminal history, yet the MacDonald case has been a roller coaster of appeals, releases, controversy, and acute pain for everyone involved, especilally for Colette's loved-ones. I've posted the Wiki link but these are numerous websites about this crime and the infamous murderer, Jeffrey MacDonald.
It's evolved into one of those DNA challenges, and lots of convoluted information surrounding it -- the good thing is that MacDonald has been in prison for over two decades, but with a sharp team of attorneys, he is being granted a hearing in an appeals court this March.

My friend believes that letters to the court will help: I'm not sure if it works that way, but I am writing a letter because I am willing to try anything to keep this man behind bars. If anyone would like to learn more about this horrific case, and to write a letter with your opinion, please do so.
One of the most notorious monsters alive may get a chance at freedom: Jeffrey MacDonald.
I believe his former conviction. I believe he did slaughter his pregnant wife and his two adorable baby girls. Some people tend to think he is innocent because it's difficult for anyone to wrap their brain around the fact that some husbands, especially those who seem like golden men, are capable of such inhuman acts.  

You may write to:  United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
                                         1100 East Main Street, Suite 501
                                          Richmond, VA    23219-3517

You might reference your contact with:
US vs Jeffrey MacDonald   3:75-cr-00026-F-1, 5:06-cv-00024-F
or see website for possible contact


  1. Marti, as long as there are people like you and WRITERS like you then victims of crimes will never be forgotten and their killers will not live in joy. Colette's brother said that no one remebered or cared about that sweet pregnant girl and her beautiful babies anymore. He said no one would help or make a difference but see there he was wrong.
    God Bless You

  2. Unfortunately no one can stop him from filing motions and getting a hearing on the motion. That is all this is. There is no way that the Fourth Circuit will let this monster out.

  3. And yet this court has indeed let him out already. His lawyers have been given a full three days for the hearing this time.

  4. He should never see the light of day. This should not be forgotten.

  5. So true! And yet Colettes own family believes that no one cares or remembers anymore that no one will help. Marti obviously cares and remembers but to a large degree the Stevensons are correct. I believe that if the public were better informed this abortion of justice, the upcoming hearing would never have happened so tell eveyone!