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Friday, March 11, 2011

Disaster in Japan

Of course it's all over the Internet and TV news about Japan's Tsunami caused by the devastating earthquake, and the problems keep growing. What I like about "Network for Good" is that it appreciates any size donation and also distributes the donations collected amongst all of the helpful organizations it lists if that is what you choose. In a crisis, these organizations, such as the American Red Cross, always step in to offer as much aid and comfort as possible during these type of tragedies. Just wanted to mention it here and at Twitter....

 Help Survivors of Japan Quake & Tsunami | Network for Good


  1. I watched the news all day about this tragedy. We should all pray for the people suffering in Japan. Nice of you to mention this Marti.

  2. Rebecca Howell

    Yeah- I second that emotion. Too bad Wagner wasn't out boating that day. Sorry thats mean of me. I wonder how fond he is of boating these days and of Catalina!

  3. He has not been back to Catalina since Natalie died, He has a canoe that he uses for fishing and goes of friend's boats.