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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flaws in the Natalie Wood Case Investigation - bulleted

What was NOT properly handled during Natalie Wood case investigation:

  • Three men surviving cruise were NOT separated and interrogated.
  • Records were NOT checked to established what time calls for help (to Island or to Coast Guard) were made. There was over a  2-hour delay in calling for local help, and an unconscionable 4-hour delay in calling for professional help to rescue Natalie Wood. No questions were asked of this delay.
  • Three men surviving cruise were NOT checked for bruises that might possibly correspond with bruises on VICTIM.
  • No effort was made beyond a guess to establish HOW victim could have acquired over 25 fresh brusies and scratches all over her body.
  • Witness who phoned in VITAL information about hearing cries for help was ignored by authorities.
  • Three men surviving cruise were given every opportunity to lawyer-up before being asked thorough questions.
  • Natalie Wood's boating habits were never questioned, and no logical explanation for her leaving the boat in nightgown and socks was established.
  • Coroner, who preferred to do such a psychological report to answer deeper questions was FIRED for releasing facts about the case.
  • Authorities did not question about a shattered wine bottle in the main salon of boat or about a disheveled master stateroom, indicative of a possible argument aboard the yacht.
  • A private helicopter was provided to remove celebrities from the scene before the investigating detective arrived on the Island.

 Reopen Investigation of Natalie Wood's death Petition
  •  Anything you can add to this quick list, please do so!


  1. I agree! All of that was wrong. That you, Dennis and Marti for bringing everything to the attention of the public. Prior to your book, I thought there was something odd about Natalie's drowning, but I didn't suspect RJ Wagner. Now, I do believe he was involved. I believe the testimony of Dennis Davern and your book, Marti. Thank you and thank Dennis for the truth.

  2. GNGS is the ONLY thing I believe about all of the BS we've been handed about Natalie's 'mystery death' -- she died in vain! She died in PAIN!

  3. Add:

    27 years later, Robert Wagner admits on record that he LIED to the police about the cause of the broken glass. He also admits that he LIED to the police about the trip being a "pleasant weekend" - he acknowledges the arguments.

    No investigation of WHY Natalie spent the previous evening at the Pavillion Lodge in Avalon -- because of fight with Wagner (about which he also LIED to the police).

    Just the fact that Wagner has admitted that he LIED on multiple occasions to the police in the course of their investigation, alone is sufficient cause to reopen the case. Lying to the police is a crime in and of itself, of which Wagner ADMITS he is guilty.

  4. Robert Wagner has never acknowledged the argument with Natalie in their stateroom and on the back deck and he never will. In his latest peace of fiction he claimed that he last saw Natalie standing in front of a mirror fixing her hair, wearing a nightgown. That is such a CROCK! It took him 27 years to remember where she was the last time he saw her? In the years before his book, it varied and no one seemed to question how this man was able to describe Natalie's nightgown if he never saw her in it. DUH! There is nothing in the official police report that states that Wagner last saw his wife wearing a nightgown in front of the mirror.

  5. Pick any three bullets and what you have is an obviously botched investigation. Ten bullets and what you have is inexcusable. Who on the LACSD could do anything but cringe after seeing this list? I wish I knew how to motivate the authorities, maybe if they could see this list it might stimulate some activity.

  6. Robert Wagner never attempted to search for Natalie at the moment he admitted to Dennis she was missing. Not only was the boat not moved, but the search lights were never turned on in an attempt to find her.

    Also, he declined the task of identifying Natalie's body and nearly refused to attend her funeral. Only did finally attend her funeral on his lawyer's advice.

    In the film "A Kiss Before Dying"[1956], Robert Wagner throws Joanne Woodward off a building. Substitute the boat for the building and you have life imitating art.

  7. Not only has Wagner not refuted what has been written in GNGS, but Walken has not refuted anything as well.

  8. Incredible that the detectives thought Natalie got her bottle of Bolla Soave nicely tucked away into the front of the dinghy, but, somehow, she herself missed the dinghy altogether.
    You know, a lush like Natalie never went anywhere without her supply--especially on those many nights she took the dinghy out to stargaze???

  9. “You’re a public agency, and I didn’t want this to become public. I have my image to think about. We thought she took off to go boat-hopping and was out screwing around because that’s the kind of woman she is.”

    There's a husband/father you can be proud of.

  10. If this case is not reopened and reinvestigated and if Wagner and Walken are not forced to give a full accounting of that night, then it will be an even worse tragedy. At least the truth is out there for those not too blind to see.

    Thank you, Marti! And thank you, Dennis!

  11. Kevin, that's exactly how Wagner wanted her to be perceived, as a woman who was drinking too much and went out on a cruise alone in the dinghy at night.
    It was not until his book, 27 years later, that Wagner spoke a word in Natalie's defense in relation to her drinking that night. In his book he said that he and Natalie were not drunk. He said they were both tipsy. Of course he took that opportunity to defend HIMSELF! He is all about HIMSELF!

  12. For me, the fact that RJ wouldn't ID Natalie's body is suspect. If my spouse was missing and a body matching her description was found, I'd want to see with my own eyes if it was her. It would be devastating, but I'd need to know. It would be necessary for closure. I wonder if RJ ever saw Natalie's dead body at all...


  13. He didn't. Natalie's kids went to see her with Richard Gregson. RJ said that if HE was her "that way" HE would never come back from that. Again, he's all about HIMSELF.