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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Natalie Wood received Golden Globe for "From Here to Eternity"

I remember when I heard that Natalie was going to play the character Karen Holmes in a TV mini-series remake of the classic film "From Here To Eternity" in 1979-- I was excited to see Natalie on TV. She did a remarkable job with the role as was recognized by the Golden Globe(s), Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Natalie was awarded the Golden Globe statuette for best female leading performance. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is often praised for its consistency in awarding actors based on TALENT, rather than based on popularity, politics, media sway, etc. It was quite a prestigious award for Natalie to have won.
(Thanks to KevinR for emailing this photo he just happened to save a few years ago....luckily because it was near impossible to find online.)

With Natalie is Paul Michael Glaser of "Starsky and Hutch" popular TV show.


  1. She looks so beautiful and so happy to have been recognized for her great work.
    She was wonderful in FHTE, so sexy. She blossomed into a very beautiful woman and it was on full display in FHTE.

  2. Look at her nails. Can you imagine her untying nautical knots in the pitch black of night?

  3. It is quite remarkable how Natalie grew more beautiful as she got older. Look at her; she is ravishing, stunning.

  4. Natalie was definitely a knockout in "FHTE." When she was over in Hawaii filming it in 1978, wasn't that when Wagner went on a ballistic, drunk rant and threatened to hurl himself out of their hotel window because he was jealous of William Devane? How pathetic!

    I would wager that he had been catting around with someone before that and was projecting his guilt onto Natalie. He pisses me off.

  5. Natalie was bigger than Wagner in so many ways.
    She was the bigger talent, more intelligent, more wealthy (business savvy) and she had the bigger (and better) personality.
    Natalie never seemed envious of another person's talent or acclaim. She was actually the opposite.
    She helped so many people along the way...Sidney Pollack, Robert Redford, Peter Falk, Dyan Cannon, Barbra Streisand...etc.
    Natalie was one of Streisand's early advocates. On opening night of "Funny Girl" her telegram to Streisand read, "All The Best Because You Are. Love, Natalie."
    It was Natalie's personality to recognize talent and try to help it along. She was also stimualted by people...she was a people person.
    The line from Natalie's diary where she mentions how satisfying it is when you walk away from a movie set with a new friendship, is very telling of the type of person she was.
    I think that is what sparked Natalie's frienship with Walken. It was no different than the way she behaved with Streisand all those years before.
    I believe we all have our faults (we wouldn't be human if we didn't), but it is the good stuff about us that matters. Natalie had so much of the good stuff.

  6. Well said Kevinr.
    Just finish watching DRIFTWOOD and OMG she should have won a Oscar, I have NEVER seen a child actress to his day who can act like Natalie did as a child actress, she is the best. Thanks, Pam

  7. I feel that Driftwood was one of her finest childhood performances.
    I watch that one over and over.
    Note that the actor who played the doctor in Driftwood, played her Dad is Cash McCall. Dean Jagger.

  8. Dennis says Natalie was so kind to everyone, a truly gracious person, and in the company of her yacht guests, she always, always went above and beyond to make her guests feel at home, and she thought of special ways to please individuals. Dennis's shopping list would reflect the pleasures of individuals Natalie would want to please because each person was an individual to her...not just a "friend in the business." She knew so much about everyone she associated with. She loved to laugh with friends, those longterm and many new friends.

  9. Natalie only tried to do with Chris Walken the same thing she did with all her guests, which was to try and make him feel welcome and relaxed. Everyone hopes for that same sort of reception when being entertained by a new friend.

  10. Wasn't she just GORGEOUS! That is not a question. That is an affirmation!I remember watching her face when her name was announced. She was genuinely surprised and for a fleeting moment Wagner had that jealous look scamper across his eyes before he pulled it together.
    Once again she was out in front as she always was and he didn't like it one bit.

  11. That photo was in the New York Times front page of their Arts and Leisure Section the day after the awards. The news also ran a photo of Natalie but that one was with Mary Tyler Moore.

  12. That bastard didn't count on her coat keeping her afloat. He waited to make sure she would die, but she probably was still alive when he made his first half-ass call to the island. If only she could've made it another hour, yes if only. I hope she would've had that bastard hauled in for attemped murder.

  13. Just finished reading your book. It was absolutely riveting. Besides the story itself, I was shocked to discover all the people who have been black-balled or fired as a result of heavy influence (especially Natalie's sister Lana and the coroner).
    I couldn't help but wonder how many e-mails and letters Guardian First Funding Group receives informing them of their outrageous and controversial choice of spokesman. Can the public embrace their product when the spokesperson is still surrounded by such suspicion and, in some quarters, hatred?
    I also wonder if negative public opinion will cost him this job in a 30-year payback. I guess it depends on how much bad publicity or negative e-mails they get. America may decide to exact karma.

  14. Susan,

    Thank you so much for your words and for really comprehending GNGS. Yes, there is SO MUCH to this story and we are still talking about NEW things as we progress. I'm not sure which version you read, but there's a lot here at the blog about the new information in the paperback epilogue. Roger Smith, the Coast Guard Captain was also demoted and transferred when he wanted to tell his sad account about retrieving Natalie's body from the ocean. It is too sad to think about but we must. He believes Natalie had just lost her battle shortly before being found. Roger also offered information about Wagner's demeanor upon his arrival to help, 4 1/2 hours AFTER Natalie had been off the Splendour. Yes, it's a terribly tragic story and I wanted to update you on that information if you didn't already read about it. And, if you haven't yet signed the petition (link is just to left on the blog sidebar beneath the book covers, and please let others know to sign). Each signature may seen like something small to do to help, but every signature is a huge help. Thank you so much for reading GNGS, and hope you check in on the blog every now and then. I will update as we near submitting the petition. I always have said it will take the public to define this case, and I can't thank you enough for caring about this injustice to Natalie. Sincerely, Marti
    PS: Share your book :-)

  15. Until the law questions Wagner, or media applies some pressure I doubt Guardian First realizes who they've hired! He was doing the commercials before your book, Marti.

  16. You are right, Anon 7:14... there's part of the entertainment industry not on to this story yet. We hope to soon change that.

  17. Darn. I just bought the hardcover version and I am new to your blog site so...not aware of the updates.
    I remember Marilyn Wayne offering to take a poly. Did she? Did John Payne or Marilyn's son ever confirm her statements?
    Everything Dennis said in your book had the ring of truth to it but, for several reasons, I didn't feel that with Marilyn. Some of her statements don't make sense to me. I think anyone else who has owned a boat would wonder...
    But, as they say, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

  18. Susan,
    I always wondered about Marilyn, too, until I had the opportunity to talk with her. I can honestly say she is completely devastated over the circumsances of that night. Marilyn not only left me with any shread pf doubt concerning her account, I believe that she is key to helping to get this case reopened. Marilyn would take a thousand polygraphs if asked. Her instincts that night bothered her throughout a restless night after all went quiet. To have learned of Natalie's death the next morning, well, to this day, she wants justice for Natalie. When Wagner didn't appraoch her in the restaurant right after Natalie died, Marilyn and John knew that moment that something was terribly off. All of the people who KNOW are ignored. I'm about to make another post based on a Dateline show I saw tonight.

    And, Susan, as for the epilogue, you're pretty much caught up. It explained the main reasons to reopen the case (summarized from book) and what Wagner had said to Roger when he arrived. Wagner said that he didn't call for help sooner because he needed to protect his image and that he thought Natalie was out screwing around.

    I know, incredible!

  19. She was mesmirizing. I think Natalie Wood is the most beautiful actress ever. Someone should upload her Golden Globe speech on YouTube.

  20. Natalie Wood had no reason to be jealous of anyone. As a mere child, she sat on the knee of giants in the film industry, both male and female. She had everything that Robert Wagner wanted and to this very day he has always fallen short of.
    The simplicity of the fact is this; Underneath the veneer of the Natalie Wood badge she was a real person. A person just like you or I or anyone else. She had no self imposed delusions of grandeur about her. Robert Wagner is the complete opposite. Possibly this is what attracted her to him. Opposites do attract and the heart wants what it wants even when we know it might not be the right thing for us. I only wish Natalie had realized this before getting involved with him again. If only hindsight was her option at the time...
    Sign me: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  21. For those who haven't seen it yet, I put up on youtube all of her scenes in From Here to Eternity.