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Monday, March 7, 2011

I Love New York!

I do love New York, always have, always will. I always thought about this photo of Natalie (or a few others like it taken at same shoot) as a cover choice for GNGS, but was talked out of it by publisher's art department. I ended up agreeing with them, but I love Natalie in these photos, and I love New York. Natalie "felt" the city, too.

For those who have never visited "the greatest city in the world" it truly is a stunner when you turn the corner to Times Square and see the big screen and billboards and Nasdaq's telling of the world economy. The bustling streets and sidewalks are crammed with preoccupied people and jammed traffic, and the nosie is startling. You are awakened, you feel so alive standing there absorbing it all in, and it's virtually inconceivable to imagine this DAILY, hectic, busy world transpiring every minute of every day we are snug at home. A couple of years ago, I took my daughter-in-law to the city for her first visit (she lives near a city in Wisconsin, and has been to Chicago many times), and when I asked her if it's anything like what she imagined from seeing it on TV, she was breathless! She said, "No way! I can't even describe what it's like to see this!" She said Chicago is huge, but she was still captivated by the giantness of NY. It's more than concrete and noise: it truly is "a sensation."  As the old saying goes, "nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there," is for visitors only. Millions do live there and couldn't live anywhere else on earth! It truly is a place one must see. And, occasionally, I wish I did live there. My brother lived in Greenwich Village many years ago for a short period, a place so unbelievably charming.  I love all of the "Big Apple."


  1. This was taken by William Claxton on the balcony of the Sherry Netherlands Hotel which was Natalie's favorite place to stay in NYC.
    There is a picture from this shoot that I would love to see on the cover of your next book. I'll send it to you via e-mail. I don't know if it's possible with the copyright issues but it would be a big eye catcher on the cover of a book.

  2. I think I know what one you are going to send...please send it...I love it! And thank you for the data on who took this photo. This photo session is one of her most stunning. YOu can see she appreciates the city, she "feels" it. I love that!

    Last year, when Dennis and I interviewed with E! at Planet Hollywood, they took footage of Dennis and me walking the Times Square area. It was humbling, and each step I took while the camera was in front of us, I felt was a "step for Natalie" -- weird, but it's how I felt. I wish they would give me the CD of the shoot like Inside Edition did (I'll try to post Inside Edition interview at YouTube) some day soon.

  3. The cost of these photographs licensed for outside use are astonomical. As the OP stated, they are by famed Jazz Photographer William Claxton and his estate is very "stingy" when it comes to licensing his work. He also has a set of photographs he did for "LWTPS" and a fabulous one of Natalie and her Father. You might try the William Claxton web site as a starting point.

  4. I have always associated Natalie with NYC. Her films like, Proper Stranger, WSS and Miracle (even Splendor because it was shot in NY) Have always left me with the impression that Natalie was a NY girl--even though I know she was born and reared in California.

    Natalie's emotional level always seemed more suited to NY than to California--in my mind.

  5. Natalie literally was on top of the world in this photo. Wasn't she in NY for something to do with Splendor? Was it for promotion or opening? Can't remember.

  6. Kevinr,
    I am not sure for what promtional purpose these particular photos were shot for, but I know who to ask. I think this may have been after Splendor, but not sure. In some firsthand info I have from Natalie's memoirs, she truly appreciated New York City. She was vibrant, like the city.

  7. This shoot was promo for Love With The Proper Stranger.

  8. I'm sure it would cost a pretty penny. Claxton's work is legendary and those Sherry Netherland photos tell us why.
    I'll send the pic from my home computer and you can post it on the blog. Marti. it's a beautiful shot of her and very sexy!

  9. In a few interviews she had done before her death she expressed desire to leave L.A. , to move to a country home in New York state. It was more for her kids than for herself.

    She had also said that she did not like to be in the city for any longer than a few days.

  10. I read that about wanting to move to upstate NY. That they wanted to get the kids away from the Hollywood press.
    I think Natalie would have thrived on the creativity in NY, but I understand that it was probably a culture shock to a California girl.

  11. Great photo. :-) NYC is an amazing city. It can be a culture shock for those of us on the West Coast!

    Next book...?