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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Asbury Park Press Article published today on Reopening of Natalie Wood case.

Natalie Wood death probed again after Plumsted author writes book | The Asbury Park Press | APP.com

Amanda, my interviewer, was very interested in Natalie Wood.


  1. Marti,

    Marilyn Wayne is absolutely certain the woman she heard crying for help was Natalie. The timeline and proximity of the boats support her claims.If Natalie had fallen in to the water accidentally, wouldn't she be calling out to her husband for help. Regardless of how angry she would've been with Robert Wagner, in a time of crisis, it would've been logical for her to shout out her spouse's name for help. The only reason she wouldn't - she knew the person who helped her into the water was certainly not going to help her out of the water.

  2. Nice article that would be good for anyone to read who is interested in this case. And the last statement made about the case in the article by Marti, "I'm confident it's in good hands," speaks of her expected thoroughness of the investigation. In a Nov. 22nd piece in the LA Times, it was said that after Lt. John Corina, who is supervising the investigation, announced the reopening of the case at the news conference, there were 70 calls received from people with supposed information, "some of it useful." He went on to say that the two investigators, working full time would take, "probably the next three or four months." I can wait.