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Thursday, December 1, 2011

From FishbowlLA on Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

Last week, a reporter from the National Enquirer knocked on my back door. He asked about a "secret diary" of Natalie's. I explained to him that there is no such thing as a "secret diary". What Natalie had been working on was a memoir in conjunction with a magazine working with her on an article about her. Natalie had been contemplating writing an autobiography, but did not finish one. This was several years before her death. Suzanne Finstad even used an excerpt from Natalie's memoir in her Warren Beatty book. These "lost secret papers" are not secret.  The greater media had seemed to forget about Natalie until the recent new development, and Natalie still deserves the investigation she was denied 30 years ago. Read this important link: it's TRUE.

Splendour Captain Recalls Early National Enquirer Tactics - FishbowlLA



  1. Tommy Garrett wrote that you had Natalie's "secret diary"

  2. Why someone is calling this compilation of papers a secret diary baffles me. I remember when Suzanne Finstad discussed these papers at book promotions for A Private Man. She was very open about this. This was discussed on an old Natalie Wood website that no longer exists. Not a doubt in my mind that RJ Wagner is aware of them. He did not seem interested in them when they were being talked about all over the internet. He did not attempt to acquire them so his daughters could have their lives enriched by reading their mother's words from days gone by. These papers were even discussed in the tabloids. They papers were written in the mid-sixties. I would love to see them.
    Marti, If you have these papers I hope you share these with Natalie's fans. What a gift that would be! If you don't have them, I wish someone would share them with us.

  3. PR, Yes, Suzanne was first to talk about Natalie's papers. I have read them which are typewritten pages as well as many in Natalie's handwriting. These papers offer private insights and anecdotes about parts of Natalie's life. Yes, they are compelling as they were written by Natalie, and definitely offer a personal look into the wonderful woman who lost her life far too soon. But, these papers are not mine to reveal. They've helped me to understand and "know" Natalie better, and if I ever did write more about Natalie, it would be with a better understanding of her, but I would never use her material, which rightfully does not belong to me, verbatum.

  4. I just finished the book, Marti, and I am so happy for you and Dennis that this has been re-opened. I have always been sad about the situation and of course it was very hush, hush. Like OJ, these celebrities do get special treatment and I can imagine it was even more so 30 yrs ago when they didn't have the forensic expertise that they do now. I pray this new investigation leads somewhere. I do not want "RJ" to go to his grave thinking he got away with this, and he isn't looking so hot these days so that day could be fast approaching. Thank you and Dennis for all your hard work for 29 yrs to get justice for our sweet Natalie. Lori

  5. Thanks for taking the time to respond, Marti! I am disappointed that you don't have them. I know who had them for a very long time but I don't want to mention the name because it would not be fair to this person. People in the media write so irresponsibly.

  6. I like the FishbowlLA post, Marti. That person "gets it." And the second commenter to that post also "gets it."

    People need to open their eyes to all of this. It galled me to hear someone in the paper claim about this case, "There's nothing new here!" It was clear that this person did not read "GNGS." And it sounded like she didn't care, either.

    How can so many people proclaim they know so many things about this case, while they know none of the details? All else that had been reported over the years was bunk, but they just repeat and spit it out. They think this will pass quickly. They are WRONG.