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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas One and All

Wishing Everyone all the joys of the season!


  1. Merry Christmas, Marti to you and yours. Stay safe and be well.

  2. Just finished GNGS. Thank you so much for completing this courageous mission. I was in living in England when I first heard the news of Natalie drowning while spending the weekend on Splendour, and from all that distance away and only as a fan, I immediately suspected foul play.... The charisma of celebrity is powerful enough to get away with murder. I am so glad the case has been re-opened. I've been living in LA now for 26 years wondering about this case. Everything seems to have gone "quiet" again. I can only hope that there are some competent investigators who are serious this time. Merry Christmas Marti and Natalie fans.

  3. Some questions have been bothering me since completing this incredible book, yesterday:
    Denis puts on the loud music to mask the noise of the arguing. He says, suddenly all went quiet. The arguing stopped. He didn't hear any cry for help. Marilyn Wayne said she heard the cries for help and loud music simultaneously.
    Did Denis turn off the music as soon as he heard the arguing stop? Unlikely, as he would have heard Natalie's cries for help. So he must have continued playing the loud music for at least 15 minutes after he heard the arguing stop?
    That 15 minutes was a crucial period ...

  4. Further, Marilyn Wayne said she was seriously considering jumping into the ocean to assist the person calling for help as she was a strong swimmer. But since she didn't do that why couldn't she shout back to the voice and ask who the person was and tell them that they had called for help. If that person was drowning at least try to get a name! That would have confirmed that they heard a voice.
    She also said that she heard a reply saying, Hold on... We're coming to get you..!
    Why didn't she shout to that voice offering assistance. I would have said, Hello there! I'm Marilyn Wayne on the Castacean! Is that the Splendour? Can we be of assistance?
    What are these people thinking! ... in the face of someone drowning!!