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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Inn at Laurita Winery

The inn at Laurita Winery
The room where the interview was conducted at the inn.

The media reps from NY for the France TV Network came to my area today to interview me about Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour. The French show is called "Inside 50 Minutes" but is blocked in America. I hope to acquire a CD of the airing that I can download here. The interviewer, Anne Cecile, and her assistant, Batiste, were very interested in Natalie, and equally interested in Lana. Anne Cecile's questions were pointed and sensitive. I wore the beautiful bracelet "Splendor in the Grass" handmade for me by artist Julie of Julie Ann Smith Designs to the interview.

The owners of the Inn at Laurita Winery were kind enough to allow us a front parlor to hold the interview, and I thank them for their hospitality. For anyone visiting New Jersey, I highly recommend stopping by the impressive Laurita Winery, their nearby Equestrian Riding Stables, and the Inn at Laurita Winery which is a welcoming and charming bed and breakfast.  Anne Cecile and Batiste enjoyed getting out of the city for the day and spending the day in the country atmosphere. Most of all, they were interested in the life of Natalie Wood. Most all taped interviews get edited, but I hope the talk about Natalie remains in this piece when it airs. Natalie loved Le Grand Pari, and its people loved her.

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  1. I can't wait to see a video of this interview. To think that they are interested in Natalie, well, it doesn't my heart good! We need to get her back in to the "limelight"....as she well deserves! I'm so thankful for your Marti and your continued journey to boost Natalie to her former standing before she was so violently taken from us. We love you Marti!!

  2. Charming place and so nice of them....

    That's unbelievable that the French TV show is blocked in US. sheesh!