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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DO NOT Text While Driving.

Although my blog is about the contents of my book, if anyone sees this who may benefit from being reminded, then it's worth sharing. I know several people who always text while driving and they more or less giggle and make light of it when I mention it. That angers me because they don't realize how many innocent lives they are jeopardizing. We all fully realize the consequences of drunk driving but it took decades to really get the message across to us. Texting while driving is just as bad if not worse. Please pass this on. It's a safety warning I constantly email to my friends and family, and thought I'd use this blog additionally. Drive safely. None of us are immuned to accidents on the road, but the safer we drive, the more our chances of road survival increase.

AT&T releases dramatic anti-texting while driving documentary -- Engadget

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  1. Thank you for posting this. If only one person sees it, it helps. I know of someone's death from texting while driving. It's good advice coming up on new year's eve.