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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Photos from book in following posts

I've posted as many of the book photos as I can from a pdf file supplied to me, but I had to go through Adobe photshop causing the photos to be grainy. I've learned that Kindle edition does not supply photos and I am checking into this matter. I've also heard that what I thought were technical and regulation problems  with Amazon reviews is questionable. Apparently, some people have changed their minds about wanting to review GNGS and have removed their posts. I've heard rumors but don't want to quote rumors but apparently, this book is so controversial that some people were sent "disgusting emails" about their 5-star reviews. There is nothing I can do about these kind of unprofessional, outside actions. Amazon DOES remove reviews from UNVERIFIED accounts. I had nothing to do with any review problems or the fact that Kindle is missing the photos. I am very frustrated with these type of problems. I thank all who continue to support the effort to get the Wood case reopened. It is what I will focus on as soon as the holidays have passed. I apologize for these matters but they are out of my control.


  1. Marti,

    Your blog was closed for one day and things went wild at the forum, but I sense you don't care much about that (at least hope you don't). I'm glad you answered these questions and posted the photographs from the book. I hope it is only a mistake that photos are not included in the electronic versions of your book. I am sorry you are taking it from all ends at this time, but I also sense how strong a person you are. I'm here to let you know once more and will again that you are very admired for your courage and fortitude. Yes, I'm the person who emailed you, but only because I thought it important you knew a few things going on. Don't sweat the small stuff, ok?

    Fondly, "J"

  2. J,
    Thank you. I am, always have been, and always will be proud of the work I put into GNGS. The peripheral matter that follows will always exist, with or without me involved. I'm self-confident enough to not let it bother me all that much, and I maintain this blog because I do believe that people -- the intelligent PUBLIC -- those most shunned by the auhtorities and media in Natalie's case, DO DESERVE to know the facts. If certain people choose to believe their own little scenarios instead, so be it. I gave it my all and will continue to do so. Dennis Davern is a good guy and there isn't a soul who knows him who would say otherwise. All the derogatory comments are based on presumptions, not facts. Those who don't know him and choose to demean him or disregard him have that right.

    Those who question our polygraphist take the cake. As if I wouldn't commission the very best knowing what dwells out there?

    A woman lost her life. She drowned. But WHY she drowned is factually described in GNGS. There are no conspiracies, no sexcapades between Wagner and Walken, and Holden's death had absolutely nothing to do with Natalie's, unless in a psychological, pathological sense pertaining to the person who was last with her.

    It's ALL this simple:
    Wagner was jealous of Walken. He mortified Natalie by smashing a wine bottle in front of the four on board and accused Walken of wanting to bed Natalie. Natalie became furious, went to her stateroom. Her husband followed. Huge argument transpired, things hitting the walls, loud noises, screams from Natalie, then out to the back deck went the fight. The arguing continued, then Wagner told my friend, Captain Dennis Davern, that Natalie was no longer on the boat. Dennis KNOWS Wagner was with her when "she left" the boat. One can HEAR when two people are together, especially if only a few feet away. Dennis wanted to call for help and to search but Wagner forbade him. My friend had no idea his trust in Wagner would result in the tragic loss of Natalie Wood.

    I appreciate your email and you taking the time to comment here at my blog. Thank you for caring.

  3. The following comment recently posted to the petition says it all in a nutshell, as concise and to-the-point as can be:

    "I believe RJ had a knock down, drag out fight with Natalie and in a drunken rage, threw her in the water. He has lied for all these years, because he cannot accept the fact that she died because of him."

  4. That is all well and good and I can accept that but why doesn't Dennis Davern tell us exactly what happened. Everyone has their own theory but the man who was there through it all has really left us hanging to draw our own conclusions.

  5. Yes, I agree, that says it in a nutshell. I've seen the forum lately and IMDB. We couldn't post here for one day and all hell broke loose because of one really crazy person out there. Marti, please never block us again :-)
    I used to have a blog and I know it's difficult to block one user without blocking them all. But, with Blogger hosting, you are closer to tracing stalkers than you may realize. If you don't mind, I will email the information you need to do so. Hang in there. We're all with you.

  6. Dennis has told us what happened. It's called GNGS. Marti doing the actual writing doesn't negate that it is Dennis' story. He took us as far as he witnessed. It's not hard to connect the dots. If Dennis was greedy or a liar he would have gone the whole nine yards and just made something up.