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Monday, December 6, 2010

Tonight - West Side Story - Natalie Wood 's own voice

I always wondered how Natalie sounded in West Side Story that they
would dub her singing. Now I know. Can't believe I had never viewed
this before. Maybe I'm biased, but I think she sounds great. What a
precious woman she was. So talented, so beautiful, and so adored.


  1. It's interesting because at first I thought it was Marni Nixon who I believe dubbed Natalie's voice. I never thought Marni's voice was right for Natalie and I don't really care for Natalie's operatic version either. I love her voice in Gypsy. It was very natural and it sounded just like her speaking voice.

  2. I was never thrilled with the dubbed voice either because I didn't think she sounded like Natalie, and I'm glad West Side Story did not suffer for it. It became the classic it deserved to be. But I'm really amazed at how close both Marni's and Natalie's voices were.

  3. I loved Natalie - but her voice is weak, not on pitch or sustaining notes at the professional level expected in a multi-million dollar film musical. West Side Story's score requires a trained voice for Maria's songs [Tonight; One Hand, One heart; I Feel Pretty; Somewhere;]. However, her voice worked serviceably in Gypsy as her songs are not demanding and are basically talk-sung.