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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thank you to New Readers

Thank you for the many Emails and Direct Messages. When there are delays with the paperback edition at Amazon it is only because Amazon must re-stock their supply. Although Amazon will post a notice that they will let you know when available, it actually takes only a few days to re-stock. The first supply Amazon stored sold out. I look forward to more people learning and caring about this travesty of justice bestowed upon the late, great Natalie Wood. Please be sure to sign the petition with your comment about why you believe the case should be re-opened. And if you leave a review at Amazon, please be sure to use your own account or your review is in jeopardy of being removed. Thank you for caring about this important case.

Many of you are concerned about why you haven't heard more about this high-profile story in the news. There are many reasons for that, some already discussed at this blog if you care to browse. It seems many are timid with this story. There was never an arrest, and barely an investigation into Natalie's death. Because there was a rush to close the case (no death of this magnitude would be closed within days in current times), there has been so much speculation and innuendo that the truth continues to be ignored by the law. The entire case was based upon lies, withheld information, and animosity between the Police Force and the Medical Examiner's Office.  When we've called out the authorities, publicly and privately, they've become defensive each time. The head coroner, Thomas Noguchi, has pledged to never speak of the Wood case again. He was fired from his position when he had spoken about it. How bizarre is that? The lead Detective, Duane Rasure, fabricated stories when he was recently asked to explain some details about the case. Needless to say, but I will: it's very frustrating. A thorough investigation is what this case needs and deserves.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to respond as soon as convenient, but I've been very busy and will remain busy in the near future. In January, I will post at this blog more regularly. Again, thank you, and Happy Holidays to you and yours.  


  1. Marti, I realize you could go only so far in your book, but at this blog can you tell us if there's anything Dennis saw that you couldn't legally put in the book? I realize this is a risky question, and I don't ask it to put you on the spot, but even a vague hint to if there is more would be appreciated. Is there anything Dennis is holding back on for the police?

  2. Good question. I'm curious also, Marti.

  3. I can't discuss here what we will discuss with the police. Of course there are many things we will go into more depth with when we have the opportunity. We did not speculate anything for GNGS. It is all factual information we were legally cleared to present. There are a few things Dennis would like to discuss with authorities before claiming publicly. Rest assured, this will happen. The delay has nothing to do with the book. There are a few key people paving the way. Hope this answer is good enough for now.

  4. Hi, just a quick comment and a question. First of all, I love the book and am so impressed with the courage you and Dennis had to put all of the information out there. Second, I'm just wondering why the pictures in the book are not available with the Kindle edition? Is there a place where I can see the pictures?

    Thank you!

  5. I have no clue why the pictures are not available with the Kindle version. I had no idea about THAT problem, too! (I've had several Amazon problems and they are not very prompt in solving problems). I will talk with my publisher about this. Thank you for letting me know. In the meantime, I am going to see if I can pull in the complete photo file to post here at the blog, so that you and others may see them. Hope I'll be successful with the attempt.

    Also, thank you for your comment.

  6. I contacted Amazon and Publisher. Kindle IS supposed to include photos. I hope you will let Amazon know about the problem, too, and perhaps they will download again for you. Publisher has production dept. also checking into this problem. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. And thank you so much if you intend to review GNGS. I appreciate the feedback.