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Monday, December 27, 2010

Some words of wisdom

This is a photo of my street taken this morning after the plow gave it a few runs. Smart advice: For those of you who've experienced this East Coast Snow Blizzard of 2010 (especially along the NJ coastline where we got over two feet), stay indoors and enjoy being snowed-in.

Other words of wisdom come from the Natalie Wood Petition. Signer #561 says it perfectly: The investigation should have more attention not to open wounds but to heal them with closure.

No matter what you believe about the Natalie Wood case, there is no denying the extreme controversy that follows it. Another look can only benefit all of the speculation, all of the claims, and all of the denial. It is our goal to make sure there is a reopening of the case WITH ANSWERS provided before the 30th anniversary of Natalie's death.

Please sign the petition if you haven't already:

Reopen Investigation of Natalie Wood's death Petition


  1. Before her 30th anniversary is such an exciting prospect. Justice has always seemed so far in the future and to know that things will start unfolding soon is very satisfying. Let's hope that by the anniversary both you and Natalie can finally have peace. I'm sorry about all of the snow you are getting back East. I live in California so I feel guilty when I tell you it looks absolutely beautiful to me. The holidays and snow just go together. I hope it will stop being so abundant and cumbersome and at some point you all will be able to enjoy it. Stay warm and safe.

  2. I took a few minutes to read some of the petition comments. Incredibly intelligent people have chimed in and it is so comforting to see that. My best to you Marti and hope you enjoy the snow! It must make the holiday season so storybook!

  3. Anon 2:28. The snow IS beautiful, but it brings its element of danger with it, too. This was a blizzard with drifting, so there are lots of spots with up to 6 feet of snow, including roads. But it is beautiful to see off toward the woods, and fun to play in, too. I shoveled a little, but haven't been out on the roads. My daughter got stuck on a road and she said it's treacherous out there.

    As for the case...2011 is the year. We'll do all we can and the authorities must take it from there.

    Anon 2:35

    Yes, the petition is filled with pertinent comments. I just know it will help.

    The snow does make the holiday season storybook-like. I live in a very small town, a charming one with charming small towns surrounding it, and it is absolutely beautiful around these parts of NJ. Some people find it hard to believe how beautiful NJ is, but I assure you, we have stunning beaches, glorious mountain regions and beautiful areas.

  4. I just read a book about Schwarzenegger by Ian Halperin. It touched on so many issues we have discussed here. Especially celebrity privilege and controlling the press. When Arnold ran for governor the controlling of the press really began. His lawyer also wrote threatening letters to anyone who was going to print things from his past. He took the extra step of copyrighting those letters and then threatening copyright enfringement if they were made public. Luckily, Wagner's lawyers weren't that saavy. Schwarzenegger also had business interests that overlapped with someone who wanted to buy a media conglomerate. The deal could only go through if the papers owned by that media didn't print any negative stories about Arnold. The papers even confirmed that all stories about Arnold were verboten. Scary, right? How does a free society operate without a free press much less bring down a guilty celebrity? I'm not trying to be discouraging I'm just illustrating to the critics of why GNGS didn't get much publicity. Hard to operate in a fixed system. Hopefully, in 2011 you will find that it is changing. The LA Times owner didn't go along with the boycott on Arnold stories, he also admired the Washington Post during the Watergate stories. Maybe the LA Times has had a change of heart and they will be more receptive to you this time. (The book was printed in 2010)I just know something will break for you this year!

  5. Thank you for sharing this information. When Dennis and I visited publishers in 1992 in NY, we sat in a president's office talking about Natalie's death. The publishing president was beyond intrigued. He seemed angry that her case had been so neglected. Then, with regret, he explained to us that although he would love to support the book, he couldn't because Wagner had interests in their sister company. There was "nothing he could do." I really learned a lot about the ways of the world while working on GNGS for the many, many years I gave it effort. And now I see that the media has to walk on egg shells, too, but I do know that what they want to do has little to do with what they CAN and CANNOT do. It's that kind of story.

    I copyrighted the attorney letters between Wagner's attorneys and my own in 1992. It was something I felt smart to do. In fact, it was my attorney who handled the copyright and he had no problem with me doing it. They had come on strong, but now say nothing?

  6. Marti, Looking at that picture makes me jealous. Here in NY, we are still waiting to be plowed out. We are hoping today will be our lucky day.
    Marti, Were you (by law) not allowed to make accusations against Wagner?

  7. The photo you posted of your street; I half expected Lana Turner and Diane Varsi to come strolling down the lane and the title page "Jerry Wald presents Grace Metalious' Peyton Place" to appear. Cue the Franz Waxman score...
    I hope this is not misconstrued as anything else but a compliment on a lovely picture which brought back a fond remembrance of a wonderful abet highly controversial film of the time.

  8. Anon 9:13, it is not misconstrued. In fact, when I first moved to this historical town in 1993 I recall one day looking out the front window on a weekday when neighbors' cars were off to work, and the road was rather clear, except for a restored 1957 Chevy one neighbor kept in his yard. All but for the 1993 calendar in front of me, it felt as if I had stepped back in time to the 1950's.

    The two towns above us (one is Bordentown) are filled with charming village stores and bistros and any retro movie could easily be filmed there. One of the little music cafe's in Bordentown features celebrities on weekends and Melanie was just there. I thought about going to meet her and getting my old Melanie album signed but didn't. Of course, that reminds me of the Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice days. The world was changing so much back then.

    In Bordentown, their Main St. is a wide one that travels down to a small yacht club at the Delaware River. They have horse and carriage rides and an Old Fashioned Christmas tree lighting that is straight out of the late 1800's each year, save the electricity to light the tree. Their Cranberry Festival in the fall is visited from all over. I'm only telling this because Jay Leno won't stop cracking jokes about "armpit NJ" and NJ is SO different than how this state is portrayed. Our beaches (Seaside National Park) are some of the nicest in the world. (Yes, world!) I have no desire to move. The first day I moved here and sat in my kitchen looking out the window (from where I took the close-up of the snow) I said to myself, "I never want to leave." I am fortunate and grateful that so far, I am still here.

    Hope I didn't overdo it. I'm one of the "freaks" that loves NJ. :-)

  9. Kevinr,

    Many legalities were involved in the type of book we were writing. Yes, there were limitations and still are. That's because the law closed the case fast and records were sealed for many years. As long as we stuck to what Dennis experienced (saw and heard exactly) we were within the legal boundaries. Dennis, as a cruise participant of that night is also legally allowed to "surmise" publicly. We were asked by our original publisher to not do that. We want the law to decide, but we have no doubt what happened to Natalie.

  10. Kevinr,
    Also, hope you get plowed out today. This storm was incredible!

  11. Thanks, Marti. I thought it was something like that--the fact that Dennis was a participant in the events of that weekend.
    I think it was a wise decision to not interpret the events of Natalie's death, in the book.
    I think it is the reason I did not find the book predictable. I came to the conclusions I came to on my own. I don't feel that I was unduly influenced in that decision.
    No, would you believe we are still waiting for the plows? I thought the same thing about your picture--it looks like a Currier and Ives print.