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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Amazon Notice sent to pre-ordering paperback readers

Amazon has sent a notice to people who've pre-ordered the paperback, notifying of a delay until December 16th. I do believe the paperback will be available before mid-December (Amazon clarifies they will send as soon as available) and they are asking their customers to choose to cancel or approve the delay.  I'm not sure what to recommend....as I'm not sure if the new projected delivery date comes from our old distribution company or the new publisher yet. I had pre-ordered a paperback, too, just so I could see how Amazon will follow the changes. I kept my order intact so that I can keep abreast of how it's being handled and I will post updates here. Maybe it's best to cancel and then reorder when the paperback is actually posted at Amazon for immediate delivery. Whatever you choose, thank you for bearing with these changes, and thank you for your interest in the paperback. I apologize for any inconvenience.


  1. Tabloid topics will not be discussed here. Look for Lana Wood's official statement coming soon.

  2. There's some buzz about a few things Lana Wood had supposedly said via the Globe tabloid publication. I spoke with Lana last night and although I promised to keep our conversation private, I will say here that I am completely confident that Lana wants her sister's case reopened, and that the tabloid did not get things straight. There's no more to discuss than that about the Globe article. Lana intends to speak her mind where it will count. The Globe doesn't count.

  3. Marti, will Lana have any more to say about this?