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Sunday, November 28, 2010

E-Reads Post

The Enigma of Natalie Wood’s Death Solved in New Book | Publishing In the 21st Century

Publisher's official Internet announcement.


  1. Nice tribute. You are in believing hands in appears.

  2. Well this should put to rest your 'debt' to a publisher. LOL. Some people are ridiculous. Looks like you have a fine publisher, Dennis and Marti. Onward.

  3. I doubt that anyone took that stupid comment seriously.

  4. "On Sunday, November 29, 1981, just past dawn, off the coast of Santa Catalina Island’s Blue Cavern Point, a search helicopter pilot noticed a small red “bubble” of color in the gray ocean, eerily conspicuous yet forlornly small, a silent signal to tragedy. The pilot swooped in for a closer look, then immediately radioed the sighting, ending a brief but grim search for the missing legendary film star Natalie Wood."

    Marti, I read the book when it came out and have in one way or the other spent some part of each day since thinking about it...When I re-read that first paragraph this morning I realized that I have been fortunate enough in my own life to have personally known someone as talented and thoughtful and dedicated as yourself and it makes me humble and proud. It also just re-affirms what I already knew, namely that Natalie could have no better supporter in her corner, no better keeper of the flame of justice that relentlessly shines it's invasive and troubling, and by now, glaring beams of light into the once dark chasms of an empire built and maintained on a thin veil of lies and deceit.

    Wagner must surely be feeling the suffocating presence of GNGS.


  5. I'm sure he does, Creed. I'm sure he does. Thank you for the comment.