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Monday, November 29, 2010

Natalie Tribute by Skyler

Skyler FB'd this tribute to me he created today. She truly was a star in every sense of the word.


  1. Is this the cover Ginger used for her book. Hairdresser to the Stars? It looks familiar. We do miss Natalie, nice tribute.

  2. Natalie was the epitome of Hollywood glamour.

  3. That is the paperback cover to Ginger Sugar Blymer's book. Ginger is on the cover along with Natalie.
    Has anyone asked Ginger how she feels about the distorted image and the defacing of the book title with a scrawl?
    It would be nice if she had been consulted first and asked for a comment.

  4. We all interchange pics and use them in various ways all over the internet. I'm sure this was created with affection, not as an act of defacing anything. This is nothing more than a tribute. It is done as a tribute to Natalie. In effect, it's a tribute to Ginger then also, so lighten up.

  5. That is one of my favorite pics of Natalie. I love the fact that Ginger used it for her cover...it was perfect. Natalie looks every inch the pampered star.
    Natalie had a great sense of humor; she never took herself too seriously.

  6. You lighten up. I am aware it was done as a tribute but Ginger should have been consulted about it. I'm sorry but it looks rather tabloidish. Very out of focus, grainy and uneven.
    So if someone snaps a cheesy photo of GNGS, removes the title and the author's names and parks a Happy Birthday RJ across the top in lopsided lettering come Feb. 2011 it will be ok with you?
    Ginger should have been given the respect of a consultation. She paid for that picture to be published on the cover. Not you or anyone else.
    Possibly she would find it fine and she might have made a comment on Natalie for all to read.
    I find it distasteful and tacky just like tabloid news.

  7. I think it's great. Ginger dosen't own that picture. Marti dosen't own the picture on GNGS.
    It's a great iconic pic of Natalie. Good job Skyler.

  8. I apologize if the photo is out of focus. It's probably because I enlarged it for posting here. Sorry, I didn't think beyond this being anything more than a tribute to Natalie. It only says "We Still Miss You Natalie."

    I do not own the photograph of Natalie on GNGS's cover. It is used in several videos, and anyone can request to use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes. I didn't intend to use this posted photo in any way to offend Ginger. If Ginger has full rights to this photo and wants it taken down, I will gladly do that, but I'm going to use this opportunity to post Ginger's book. It's a lovely memoir of her years as an artist in the show business industry, and it's still available. Her memories of working with Natalie are poignant and worth reading about.

  9. Marti, I really don't think you needed to apologise for anything. Also, I really wouldn't care if I saw your cover pic with Happy Birthday RJ across it. I would think it rather humorous, in a dark kind of way. I can't believe the unnecessary bickering going on over this tribute, especially on Nov. 29th.

  10. I found that pic of Natalie on the internet. I thought it a dazzling shot of a great beauty and so I used it as a tribute to the anniversary of her unfortunate death.

  11. Go look at the tribute pic on Marti's facebook wall. It is really nice...much nicer than the photo here. Double Click on the pic to enlarge it.

  12. It was a nice tribute from Skyler and I posted it because I thought it nice that we were all thinking of Natalie yesterday. Thank you for sending it to me, Skyler.

    Again, if Ginger has any problem, I'll gladly take it down, but I hope some people think about reading Ginger's book. It is not her only book, but for those interested in Natalie there's some interesting travel stories in Hairdresser to the Stars. Ginger was very close with Natalie. Natalie had a way of befriending those she employed. Her relationships with some personal employees went much deeper than you would expect from a Hollywood star.

  13. Ginger's book is a great read. Loved reading about all that went on behind the scenes while filming "This Property Is Condemned."
    She told me that Natalie took her all over the world. Ginger got to see things she never would have , if not for Natalie making those provisions in her contracts.
    She also said that Natalie never brought her problems to the set or those around her. Ginger told me that Natalie would see her therapist, but she kept all of that private, and it never disrupted anything.
    Hearing that made me like Natalie even more.
    Ginger is a good soul.