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Friday, November 26, 2010

New Lies

I've been corresponding with former Coast Guard Lieutenant, Roger Smith, over the past few days (he is not the person I talked with about case reopening, although Roger hopes for that as we do).

Roger recently made a visit to Avalon on Catalina Island for a dedication ceremony of a new Life Guard Fire Station and he wrote a note to the Isthmus crew afterwards. Many responded to him and said they are relieved to have finally learned the truth about what happened the night Natalie Wood died. But, they told him that Doug Bombard is doing the same thing Detective Rasure did when contacted by CNN producer last March: he's making up his own stories about that fateful night. Bombard is retired and apparently, as an Islander described, still tries to act like someone in charge, and like a jock. Seems he isn't buying the fact that Natalie wasn't untying the dinghy and is telling all sorts of wild scenarios.

Seems that the men who made the gravest mistakes in this case want to spare their reputations for vanity, and will continue distorting the truth. I take consolation in the fact that most of the Isthmus people say they believe the truth has been told through Dennis, but it is utterly frustrating that those who could contribute to the truth (i.e., Bombard, Rasure, Noguchi, Walken, Wagner ...) remain silent, fabricate, or continue to tell outright lies. Roger Smith always suspected what was told in GNGS.


  1. That's why we have District Attorneys. Where are you???
    It is a given, by now, that Wagner was having a really bad fight with Natalie. That means he lied to the police about not seeing Natalie before she entered the water.
    That alone should warrant another look at Ms Wood's death.
    Forgetting everything else, the fact that Wagner was with Ms Wood during her last moments on the Splendour should have promted the authorities to call for an interrogation of Mr Wagner.
    Rasure and Bombard can say all they want, it means nothing once you realize that Wagner was with Natalie right up until the time she entered the water.
    Christopher Walken should come forward. He knows that he was not with Wagner when Natalie went missing...he knows that much.

  2. Sorry, left the second "p" off of the word prompted.

  3. Kevinr
    Why do you always correct spelling typos in a concurrent post? Anyone reading your posts would know you are learned and it is just a typo which we are all inclined to make. We are well aware that our resident stalkers couldn't spell the words "I" and "a" properly but we are also well aware that they cannot put two coherent thoughts together. You can.

  4. Kevin,
    I'm prone to typos in comments, too, because I'm trying to get my thoughts down and Blogger doesn't have spell check for the comments section. I will be working on a website next year and hopefully that will work much better.

    I agree with you. There's enough information available for the authorities to come into this thing based on the JOB THEY TOOK! It's sad commentary that not one official has attempted that much. We constantly have to track them down and the ones who are a link to helping us do not want to get involved. So, we'll soon be appraoching everything from yet another angle. I've never been more confidant that Natalie will soon receive the justice she deserves.

  5. LOL...I didn't even notice my typo: approaching.

  6. That is the first time I have ever corrected myself.
    There is an "Anonymous" person that I've seen correct his or her typos frequently, but not me.

    Marti, Wagner lying about not being with Natalie, I feel, is a very serious thing.
    It brings into question everything written in the official version of Natalie's death.

  7. The fight between Natalie and Wagner is one thing we can say with 100% certainty.
    Wagner fabricated a story, and the police and the coroner based their conclusions on a lie. They were under the impression that Natalie was alone when she went to the back of the boat.
    This would (usually) spell big trouble for a spouse caught in a lie like that.
    Why would a husband have to lie about being with his wife? Why would a husband not want the police to know that he was fighting with his wife--just before she ended up in the Pacific Ocean?
    It can't be that he thought he might have killed her accidentally and he was afraid; we know Natalie was alive and crying out for help.
    The authorities only have to start with Wagner's lie, and they can get to the bottom of Natalie's death

  8. Wagner never denied Dennis story nor has he confirmed it. We can go through the list of what Wagner has said over the years.
    Before Dennis was interviewed by The Star in 1985 RJ said, through his PR people, that Natalie went off to bed as he sat up talking, that she was bored and went to bed. A few minutes later he went to join her and she was gone.
    Dennis made the bottle incident public in 1985. It was not until Gavin Lambert's book several years later that RJ confirmed that he broke the bottle and Natalie stormed off as a result. He claimed that he went to talk to her and she was gone. In Lambert's book he alluded that when she stormed off was the last time he saw her. No other sitings of her were mentioned.
    Then, several years later in his book he claimed that she was not present when he broke that bottle and that the last time he saw her she was fixing her hair in front of a mirror before going to bed. She was wearing her nightgown.
    This is a very small example of how he has changed his story over the years.
    He never mentioned Dennis version of what happened after he went to the stateroom. Even when he was asked to comment on the Vanity Fair article, he never denied or confirmed that he saw Natalie in the stateroom and that they had an argument. He avoided any discussion of the specifics in the VF article.
    He will never admit that she was alive and well when he went to the stateroom. If he admits to that, he admits that he has been lying for 29 years.

  9. Yes, the bottle smashing incident lends a lot of credibility to Dennis' story in GNGS.

  10. and if he and Dennis were the only people present, he would not have confirmed it. When he confirmed it in Lambert's book, Walken was not the "gentleman" he made reference to in his memoir. In Lambert's book RJ was openly hostile to Walken. Walken was a witness to the bottle breaking. At that point, RJ could not afford to lie again as he did to the police because Dennis made it public. What was RJ going to do? His options were limited. He could have stuck to his original story in the hope that Walken would keep his mouth shut or he could confirm it and breath easier in case Walken did fess up. If he lied again, after Dennis revelation and years later Walken confirmed it, RJ would look more guilty than he does right now. His attorneys probably advised him how to handle it. Again, he actions were those of a man who was protecting himself.

  11. The bottle smashing incident makes the perfect segue into the big, loud fight Natalie and Wagner got into.
    I really don't think that finding the answer to Natalie's death is going to be that difficult--once it is properly investigated.

  12. Wagner was a very brittle branch that was going to snap at any moment during that weekend.
    The police knew none of that.

  13. Roger Smith sounds so much like a very good and decent man who has tried to do the right thing from day one of this case, only to be thwarted (and punished).

    I could see the tops of Catalina's rugged peaks today from where I was driving. It was a beautiful, crisp day, and I thought of how it was this date in 1981 that Natalie enjoyed her last Thanksgiving. How I wish that they didn't go out the next day.

  14. Marti must be making some serious progress if some of the participants in this case are scrambling. This must be the first time they've felt any real heat. Making up lies and adding more fiction to this story is ridiculous. They would have been better off keeping their mouths shut. What kind of an ego do you have to have to put your reputation above the life of a young woman? Deliver us all from LA justice. Walken is a marginal player in the film community now, it's time for him to speak up and not be the gutless wonder he has been for 29 years.

  15. Wow, these are some great comments. I totally agree with Kevin. I know it took a lot of pages in GNGS to get to its main point, and some readers complain about that, but there's also the issue of "making a book" involved. All of the little asides support the main issue for various meanings that NEEDED to be said, described, and explained. There's a MAIN POINT to EVERYTHING and the main point of GNGS is that WAGNER WAS WITH NATALIE WHEN SHE WENT OVERBOARD. And Dennis passed that question on a polygraph test. What more could ANY authority or police department ask by way of help in solving a case?

    I am surrounded by people in business who control my ability to proceed on this MAIN POINT. It's not that they don't want the authorities involved, it's only that they know better from experience on how to guide me to get to that point. Very soon, I will be explaining how we're going to go through some experts in various fields to get to the authorities who didn't do their jobs. That has been the ONLY hold up. If the authorities want to join us on their own to finally solve Natalie's case, that would be great, but they aren't budging. All of the expert people I will soon be in contact with will serve as the wedges that can PRY the authorities to listen.

    All the empty talk by a couple of snerts lately about GNGS going no where and that I'm the producer of it and in financial debt to it is so far from the truth it is absurd. If I were in charge, I'd be screaming my head off from those Catalina Island peaks Marinane saw today (and you are right, Marianne, Roger is decent to the core), but no one would listen even if I did. So, we're taking the slower, but SURE route, and yes it becomes frustrating, but it also becomes more of a reality as each day passes. Within the past 3 days, I've communicated with two prominent MOVIE producers, the lead in the Broadway play that will feature GNGS's content very soon, a brilliant publicist/producer who can and will secure experts and TV anchors, and the agent working on the mass-market paperback for next year. BUT, all of this couldn't move along until the book was released in its current availability formats. I have GOOD people surrounding this project but we are all subject to the pace of the pertaining industries and the lack of VOLUNTEER participation by the EMBARRASSED authorities.

    We'll get to where we need to be. And by the time that happens, the truth will be prominent in every little nook and cranny of the world. Wagner was with her when she went overboard and he lied to the authorities. Hopefully, those authorities will want to know WHY before it's too late!

  16. That is amazing and encouraging news! I am curious, without revealing any names, has any of Natalie's friends come forward with information to help or enlighten you? After 29 years, it's time for them to come forward to. Anything they saw or heard, a pattern of behavior, something in Wagner's story that didn't make sense based on their knowledge of Natalie, all of this could help bolster your factual case. They didn't have proof then, but surely the resurgence of GNGS would give them solid ground to air any information they were with holding.

  17. A possible movie & play? Brilliant! It's the whole Hollywood/Star mentality that prevented a true investigation in the first place. Let's use their own playing field to bring attention to all that went wrong in this case.

    I also wonder if any of Natalie's friends have finally come forward with any help?

  18. Not one of Natalie's friends have spoken for her. Whether or not they believe Wagner is something I wonder about, but I've had plenty of feedback from "the industry" -- GNGS is WELL known in the Hollywood community. You wouldn't believe who is interested in playing Dennis in a movie. I almost can't believe it! I am not one to "tease" with hints at information, as I don't like that myself, but I just can't yet give thorough details about these interests. Please understand that as soon as I can, I WILL! I'm very excited, however, for the attention GNGS is receiving, albeit behind the scenes for now. The people interested in the movie are definitely important Hollywood figures.

    The Broadway play is only a couple of months away, so I'll have more details about that very soon. The actress is wonderful who will play Natalie. She's been in several movies and TV productions, and the director is a very high-profile who works with stars such as Janet Jackson and Tom Cruise!

    I will post details ASAP -- as soon as the play is scheduled and officially announced. Don't forget, it was no accident last year when Larry David mentioned the fateful Splendour cruise on his show, "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Inside Edition had the choice of ANY repeats they wanted when they showed their interview of Dennis and Lana twice.

    The media is timid over this subject, but soon they will have no reason to be. What is now a story, or an account, will soon be NEWS.

  19. Many of Natalie's friends are gone. Some who are still with us are loyal to Robert Wagner for a variety of reasons. Those who are still with us and not caught up in Wagner's Web of Deceit are very discreet and will undoubtedly remain that way. Contrary to the opinion of Wagner's fans. not all of Natalie's friends loved and adored Robert Wagner.

  20. Marti,
    Is the stage production you mentioned going to be on or off Broadway?

  21. I am not sure exactly what theater will host the play at this time. But it is all in the making at this time. Actually, it was postponed due to a conflict of scheduling for the director. It was supposed to have opened this month, which would have been perfect timing. But, February is good, too!

  22. There is a big difference between a Broadway show and an off-Broadway show. I tend to think this one is off-Broadway.
    If this was a Broadway show it would be promoted as such, we would have heard more about it.
    My in-laws are very into the Broadway scene, what's coming, what's going, and they have heard nothing about this play.

  23. Ok thanks again. I've heard about the actress hired for the Natalie part but I can't think of her name. She looks nothing like Natalie and if I remember, the few things she has done she always has a nude or partial nude scene. I'm not commenting just stating what I've heard. I think it must be Off Off Broadway because major shows with major names are closing. The economy is hitting hard for straight plays are getting hit the hardest. Musicals aren't doing much better. Also, like the post above me, if it was Broadway or even Off Broadway someone would be talking about it and it wouldn't be hidden or kept secret.

  24. When I have more details about the Broadway play, I will post them. I have been invited to rehearsals, so I will know more soon. The actress playing Natalie is very beautiful and I think she will play a remarkable Natalie, surprising everyone when she is under the spotlight, as she does resemble Natalie a bit. She read GNGS and was inspired to play the scene about Natalie. She is the same age Natalie was when she died. Whether it is on or off Broadway, I am honored for this tribute to Natalie.

  25. Sounds like some people are contrary no matter what goes on with GNGS, Marti. You should be honored. Because a play isn't announced three months before it is opening means nothing. I can't wait to hear more about this. Thanks for letting us know.

  26. It is an honor, no question. I doubt, however, that it is on Broadway. If I were you I would not label it as a Broadway show because Wagner's guards will say that you lied to build it up because that is what they do to build him up. I would refer to it as a play about Natalie.

  27. No one is being contrary, Speaking for myself, I know what will happen if this play is not on Broadway and Marti relates that it is. She will be attacked for it. I'm looking out for your best interests, Marti. I think most of us who have been around since day one of this book know exactly what will happen if Marti makes an innocent false statement. She'll be attacked and ridiculed.

  28. I'm relaying what I was told. It's a Broadway play with a very prominent director at the helm. I really didn't want to mention this until the dates and location are solid, but I'm confident the information I was given is accurate. All the scenes are almost finished and rehearsals start soon. I appreciate what all of you are saying, but as soon as I know more, I'll post.

  29. OK, Marti. I'm looking out for you. You have to watch every word.

  30. I was the one that posted about Off Off Broadway and the actress playing Natalie. Once again words are being twisted. There are people on this board such as myself who are very familiar with the Broadway community. I heard a bit about this play but that was all. Even the hint of a new play makes the circles around the community. The talk about this play was peripheral at best when I heard talk about it. That is all I am saying. What is contrary about that? If you knew anything about the past few seasons you would know that ticket sales have dropped at a staggering pace and that includes tickets for the best musicals! Three major productions that just opened are closing. Major stars can't keep the people in their seats. Heavy drama and doom and gloom are the first to go. Once again, that is all I am saying.
    Here is an idea. Let me shoot it out there. Why don't some of these people who are so thin skinned and take everything personal stop for a moment and read a person's post and absorb it before running their personal thoughts? I too am another one who has been a major fan of Natalie Wood for more years than I care to remember and I assure you it was decades before she was murdered. I'm not a newbie infatuated by her death therefore I'm interested in her life. This blog is wonderful but it certainly gets bogged down by these know it all types. They are doing more harm than good!

  31. My in-laws told me that if this play opens on Broadway, I will be paying for their tickets and dinner. That's how certain they are that this will not open on Broadway. I hope you are right, Marti. LOL

  32. Well, I've read some of the scenes already and I know that the actors have been studying (and writing) their parts (this play apparently comes and goes with different characters, as each time the play arrives, it is about different people in history). I know little more about it than that at this point.

    As I said before, I wish I hadn't said anything until everything was scheduled. I appreciate the information about Broadway. I know the down-economy has hit the most famous street in NY City, too, but again, I am only telling what I've been told by production. For now, let's just say (to be safe) that a NY play with scenes of Natalie is in the works. If it, too, becomes a victim of the economy or doesn't make the grade, I'm still honored that GNGS is what influenced the 40 minute scene about Natalie.

    When there are concrete details, I will post them, which probably won't be until January.

  33. a 40 minute scene about Natalie or about Natalie's death? I would consider it more of an honor if it dealt with her life rather than her death. Anyone agree?
    And please, I mean no offense to Marti and Dennis.

  34. I take no offense. I realize that many people feel that we all should remember Natalie's career and life rather than dwell on her death. Even the authorities feel that way. There is no way, however, to obtain justice for Natalie if her death isn't studied, dissected, and attention brought to it.

    In fact, the 40 minute scene about Natalie is not only about her death. It is about her life, and the last few minutes of the scene deals with her unfair and unjust death, but not in a way that would cause an audience any discomfort. The scene simply deals with the unfairness of way she died, and isn't that the message everyone should know about instead of being fed the lies that she got drunk and fell off a boat while performing a boat task in her socks on a wet deck?

  35. Marti,

    It's been a while since I've posted here but it's very early Sunday, I'm internet-surfing, and I do always check in on your blog...your comprehensive blog I might add.

    Here's my advice to you. Shut it down. Take a break. Don't tell anyone anything for a while. Do your business and when you return, post briefly and let those who damn you if you do and damn you if you don't deal with the other crazy sites if they can't appreciate the the way you handle yourself like an ambassador here.

    God, people, what is wrong with you? If Marti posts something here that turns sour, it isn't her fault. There's no one more giving with behind the scenes information about Natalie's story than Marti. Marti even told us what would be in the newly released book long before it was released. She could've said, 'buy the book if you want to know' or said nothing at all, but we've all known about Roger Smith for months because she keeps us abreast.

    Marti, my advice again: shut this place down. Do what you must and forget about catering to those who don't deserve it. The post about buying tickets and dinner for the in-laws takes the cake! That person's in-laws of course know more than you do, so let them ask their in-laws what's going on from here on out. They say "don't take offense" while slapping you in the face! You see what I mean?

    Stop it all, for your own good, and get the job done before you waste anymore of your valuable time. I will miss the blog, but I'd rather miss it than watch you being made fun of. Your blog steals from your credibility, it does not enhance it. Trust me.

  36. Wow, now I'm really sorry I mentioned the play!
    Please see my above post. I'm sorry, but I really believe that Natalie's death needs attention. Everyone likes to sweep it under the rug because it's too uncomfortable to deal with. Even Cindy Adams, the NY Post columnist, in Sept 2009 encouraged a reopening of the case, then 6 months later suggested to leave Natalie alone and let her rest in peace. I can't. I don't believe she could be "at peace" because she died mysteriously and the authorities let the truth be buried along with her.

    Maybe you are right, however, that posting too much at the blog is jumping the gun. Maybe I'll reserve it for concrete schedules and annoucements to spare myself any ridicule, although I do not feel that anyone is ridiculing me here. I really feel that they don't want any dissapointments as we all know happens constantly in this case. Tomorrow is the 29th anniversary of Natalie's death. It still breaks my heart for the way that cruise turned out.

    Thank you all for commenting here. I do appreciate all opinions when offered constructively, and I see nothing here that wasn't offered constructively, so thank you.

    I will definitely get more accurate details about the play before I mention it again. Also, I actually chuckled at the in-laws "bet" -- but, I hope you WILL be buying them dinner :-)

    Everyone, I'm fine. Please, let's move on.

  37. Marti, listen to yourself and trust your instincts. You've done just fine since your book was first released last year. I welcome hearing what you think about any aspect of Natalie's story. Thank you for all you've done.

  38. The story about my in-laws was meant to be funny. I laughed, they laughed. Actually the chances of them letting us pay for anything are slim to none, let alone an evening that would be as costly as that one.
    Chill, people.

  39. No one is saying it's her fault. I suggest the Internet surfer re-read the posts. It does not matter what Marti says, if she errs the Wagner freaks will be all over her. They will ridicule her and accuse her of lying. You are apparently not familiar with them but Marti is, very much so. We can overlook inconsistencies as we know how enthusiastic Marti is over all that is going on but the Wagner brigade will not be as forgiving.

  40. And I do realize that what I say must be INFORMED information, so I WILL be careful in the future. Here's hoping I wasn't fed bogus information, but if that happens, I'll deal with it.