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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thomas Noguchi, Coroner To The Stars

It's sad that in Natalie Wood's case, Noguchi went under fire for telling truth and wanting to conduct a psychological profile in Natalie Wood's death. Noguchi, as usual, stroked his own ego in the middle of an important investigation. Instead of working with the detectives, Noguchi chose to work with the media and the public. The information he released in a press conference was factual, but he pissed off the detectives because he took it upon himself to "work the case." He was asked to retract information before it was investigated all because he released the information before it was properly investigated.

There was an argument aboard the Splendour and it wasn't over politics, as was reported in the news. The argument happened because Robert Wagner was jealous of Christopher Walken, and the argument went way out of control...to the point of Natalie Wood losing her life in a cove of the Pacific Ocean.

Noguchi got fired because he sought truth in Natalie's death. Dennis Davern, Robert Wagner, and Christopher Walken all allowed this injustice to occur by remaining silent for their various and obvious reasons. Thomas Noguchi will not talk with me. His attorney is very kind when he tells inquirers that Noguchi will never talk about the case again. Self preservation, once again.

It's so disturbing.


  1. He is protecting himself, primarily. Natalie is long gone. There is no need to protect her. Being dead, she is at her most vulnerable, anyone can say anything at anytime. The three men and those clowns who investigated this case are alive. This silence protects each of them. At this point, it's every man for himself.
    Noguchi knows he screwed up and made some dents in his reputation. He is remembered at the coroner who got demoted for playing to the press.
    It's unfortunate that Dennis did not respond to him when Noguchi reached out to him. He wanted Dennis to confirm his statement about the argument as Dennis was the only member of the cruise to admit that there was an argument. At that point, Wagner was still silent. Why didn't Noguchi try to contact Wagner? Or did he? Noguchi was trying to save his own reputation at that point but Wagner's biggest concern was his own reputation.

  2. Natalie couldn't have been in worse hands, if the Keystone Cops investigated. Unfortunately, many cases in this country fall through the cracks because of incompetence,political power and even outright corruption. Poor Natalie is the celebrity face for how justice can be elusive when these factors come into play. I wish Noguchi would try to make things right. He can still salvage a piece of his reputation and get a better night's sleep in the bargain.

  3. It is sad that no "official" media will even acknowledge anything other than Wagner's lies. Even that awful site wikipedia will revert any edit that mentions GNGS. I am still hoping this will find it's way into the mainstream.

  4. It's "Hollywood Justice" ... and it is an insult to every citizen