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Monday, November 8, 2010

Natalie Wood - A Thousand Thoughts of You

Last November a link for this video was posted in a comment at my blog. I wasn't as blogger savvy just starting out then, but thought it a nice time to post it now. Natalie was so special. I always think of November as Natalie's month, not only because it's the month of the tragedy, but more so because it was her happiest time of year. Thanksgiving started the festive holiday season she so cherished.


  1. It was nice to see some photos I hadn't seen before. I really like the last image with the sail behind her. That would have made a nice book cover too. It's especially sad, and poignant that Natalie died at her favorite time of year. I have to say that when November rolls around, I also think of Natalie as opposed to Thanksgiving.

  2. She loved Christmas as most of us do but her favorite time of year was spring-time

  3. It's true, but while springtime was Natalie's favorite time of year, she really sparkled throughout the holiday season. Dennis says she loved everything about the holidays and would turn her home into a Christmas wonderland. And one of her favorite holiday songs was, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" because to her, it was the happiest time of year. Her house would be filled with friends and family from Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve when she'd hold their annual black-tie New Year's Eve party. It's such a shame that the tragedy occured on Thanksgiving weekend ...well, a crying shame it occured at all ... she was truly a family person above and beyond being a star.