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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Christopher Walken is in the news!

Alleged Rider U. stalker & Chris Walken lookalike makes TMZ & goes viral - trentonian.com

NEW JERSEY, LAWRENCE — A suspected stalker charged with trying to entice a Rider University coed from campus into his car has drawn national attention after Hollywood paparazzi website TMZ pointed out his resemblence to actor Christopher Walken.

The mustachioed mug of stalker suspect Tony Kadyhrob, 68, is being shared the world over on various sites and blogs since TMZ declared him a ringer for Oscar winner Walken, who is known for playing creepy characters.


  1. I had not read your post when I saw the pic and said to myself "That looks like Walken." Definitely creepy!

  2. This isn't the kind of news a person wants or likes, of course, but Walken is smeared across front pages in NJ -- and all the shows are telling about this. The photos are creepy.... both were on the cover of the Trentonian today.
    I wish it was a story about why he kept quiet for Wagner. Now, that would be real news!

  3. It is very difficult to state which photo is creepier.

  4. Marti is only showing a "likeness" of Walken. She never said he did anything. Walken played a very HUGE role in the making of the death of Natalie Wood. Yes, that is why he is being shown on this blog. Walken has yet to come CLEAN about much about that weekend, and Marti is trying to bring that to the forfront. I don't think Walken contributed to Natalie's death, but he certainly saw things that night that could have helped the case. He isn't talking.

    Marti is about truth, justice and LOVE for a fallen star that was was KILLED with no justice for the "doer".

    I have never met Marti or Dennis, but I find them only in the highest regard for their efforts in bringing justice to Natalie.

    So please AUDIO CONTROL, don't trash Marti on her own blog. Go somewhere else to be ugly!

  5. Thank you Julie, I couldn't have answered better myself!

    Audio Control,
    Not only tabloids are showing the resemblance between these two men. It's in many respected newspapers and high-profile TV shows. I don't know why the media made such a big deal of it but maybe they feel as I feel...maybe there are people in the media who don't care about Walken's "feelings" or his "image" the way HE cares about them. He can help with the truth of the weekend Natalie perished, yet he does NOT.

    No, Walken is not the person to blame for Natalie's death, but he sure could help set the record straight.

    I don't care about Wagner's and Walken's images. I care about Natalie's image and she has been portrayed as "the drunk who fell off a boat" -- the person who tucked a bottle of wine into a dinghy for a midnight joy ride..it's all BS.

    So, if Wagner and Walken make the news (in any fashion) and I report it here at this blog, so be it. I don't think this big media display over Walken looking like this creep is fair, but is it fair that Natalie's memory is tainted because of Wagner and Walken? If Walken really "went over it and over it" with Wagner, why didn't they both go "over it and over it" with Dennis? He was there too, and he's the ONLY person who has been truthful about what transpired the night Natalie died.

    I know a lot of people admire Walken, but maybe it's time to admire truth instead of images. What's the creepiest thing of all is how "image" trumps truth in Natalie's case.

    I am the only keeper of this blog, and if you have a problem with what I post, maybe you could defend Walken elsewhere, and insult me elsewhere.

  6. Does anyone have Wagner's bio to check what he said about Walken? Does he say in the book that he and Walken have gone over and over it, like he told Cindy Adams?

    I think these two pics are interesting just because the two look so much alike. The shape of their faces is so similar between the two. The "stalker" looks like Walken in makeup for a character in one of his movies.

  7. I recall how creeped out Angelina Jolie was over the media pointing out her resemblance to Octo-Mom. The media does this all the time: Maybe they want to draw Walken out. Maybe they want more from Walken about other things. Maybe they just want to tantalize him. Who cares? I see nothing wrong with posting it here. Audio Control, what's your real beef?

  8. I tagged Audio Control's comment, that's why his comment is gone...I didn't know it would remove the comment, but that's okay with me. I don't want the trouble to occur here again. Thanks, Everyone.

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  10. Audio, please go elsewhere. Opinions are valued around here, but not people who only want to start trouble. As I said before, you can go criticize all you want, elsewhere. You did not post an opinion, you posted an insult. Good riddance.

  11. Wow, I think he is a look a like for sure.