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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Splendour's Rear Deck

Top: door to Splendour's swimstep
Below: Splendour's deck

Here are two photos showing Splendour's deck and walls and opened door to swim step. Note the thickness and height of the walls surrounding the deck and how wide the swim step is (which also had the dinghy flushed with it the night of Nov. 28, 1981). Note: dinghy in this photo is not Valiant.


  1. Marti, these pics are great.

  2. Yes, they clearly show that improbability of a "fall" -- but we all know what a stretched lie the banging dinghy has become.

  3. Also, the dinghy was flush with the swim step...barricading a possible fall even further! It was horizontal with the swim step tied with two lines over 12 feet apart!

  4. These pictures show that it is almost impossible for her to have fallen into the water. She would have fallen into the dinghy! She was put or pushed in the water and the dinghy was released by Wagner to make it look like she may have left. What are the chances that she untied 2 lines and fell into the water? That would have put her right in front of the boat. Why didn't she grab the dinghy and paddle back to the boat? The entire Wagner-LACSD-Noguchi theory makes no sense. It's all total BS especially knowing that Wagner was there with her on the back deck.

  5. Excellent photos. They look recent?

  6. These are older photos. I recently spoke with the owner of Splendour and he recently refurbished it.

  7. You can see how easy it would be to reach over the back to tighten a rope if one wanted to. You can also see that you would tighten one rope at a time--the dinghy would not be set free.

    I can't see anyway that Natalie fell off of the back of that boat accidentally (at least from this picture). Natalie could have been dragged (in my opinion) to that open door--something an out of control husband could easily do with his much smaller wife, while they were engaged in a very bad fight.

    Natalie wasn't going anywhere near that dinghy at night by herself. There probably wasn't enough money you could have offered Natalie to get into that dinghy by herslef at night.

  8. Kevin,
    The bruises on her ankles looked like fingerprint bruises...if someone was clasping her ankles and dragging her, it could very well have caused that type bruising. If she kicked back, there may have been bruises on RJ's wrists or arms...BUT, he was never checked for corresponding bruising. The case shut down almost immediately. He was sent home immediately to "grieve" -- something I doubt he ever truly did.

    Also, the dinghy was tied flush with the swim step that night...there's no way Natalie was out there adjusting ANYthing.

  9. Even "if" the doors to the swim steps would have been open, and even "if" she would have fallen, she would have fallen onto the swim step! It's very wide. But I don't believe she fell, of course.

    Wonderful photos, Marti. I don't know how anyone could argue with those.

  10. Like Roz says above, now that we know Wagner was with Natalie, the official version is "BS."
    KNOWING WAGNER WAS WITH NATALIE CHANGES EVERYTHING! Goodbye to Wagner's "banging dingy" theory, and goodbye to Noguchi's "drunk Natalie fell overboard" theory. Time for the police to wake up and realize the same thing.

    Dennis Davern puts Wagner with Natalie at the time she disappeared, and Wagner hasn't had one word to say about it...time for a new investigation into Ms Wood's death. Hopefully, we will get a detective who has more on the ball than Rasure "I had heard Natalie had fallen overboard and drowned, so I had no reason to suspect anything else..." did (I still can't believe those words came out of the mouth of a former homicide detective).

    I don't think Natalie had any intention of going out onto the back deck; I don't think she would have gone onto a wet deck in her socks.
    I feel Wagner forced her out there. Natalie bore the brunt of his rage--just like the wine bottle did earlier that evening.

  11. Look how wide the walls are. Even if she would have fallen into one, she couldn't have fallen OVER it. Too wide.