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Friday, April 8, 2011

NCIS strange casting.

One of the strangest things last year was to learn that Robert Wagner was going to play the father of agent Tony DiNozzo’s (Michael Weatherly) father, Anthony DiNozzo Sr.

In 2004, Michael played the role of actor, Robert Wagner, in the made for television movie "The Mystery of Natalie Wood." In 2010, Robert Wagner was cast and appeared as Michael Weatherly's NCIS character's father.

According to the NY Post, the two hadn’t met prior to filming “NCIS” and Weatherly admits to having been starstruck in Wagner’s presence. Odd, being he knew he was in a movie based on Suzanne Finstad's book that first questioned the viability of Wagner's account of the night Natalie Wood died. The CBS production, Lana Wood told me, was constantly threatened by Wagner's attorneys, thus the production ended up presenting the "banging dinghy" theory in spite of the fact Finstad had promoted the first evidence that accurately questioned the lame theory.

So how did Weatherly and Wagner become paired together? (Later, they became "buddies")
NCIS was created by Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill. According to reports, Weatherly met NCIS producer Bellisario when Weatherly was filming The Mystery of Natalie Wood. I suppose they both didn't realize the significance or purpose of The Mystery of Natalie Wood, or simply did not care. NCIS has over 21 million viewers who are led to believe Weatherly played a real good guy in The Mystery of Natalie Wood.

Natalie Wood, the true legend, has truly been marred over and over again. I want to give her a louder voice.


  1. I admit I cringed when I saw RJ's pic on your blog.

  2. Starstruck? LMAO. They all say that crap when they are working with someone from Wagner's era. Wagner is a TV actor who had a few successful TV series. He is not by any stretch of the imagination a film icon. Paul Newman is a film icon, Brando is a film icon. Wagner did not come close to these men or to his late wife. Weatherly's comment sounds rehearsed. Does he remember what a loser Wagner was when he played the role of "Robert Wagner" in The Mystery of Natalie Wood? I have to laugh when these people pretend to get all weak in the knees over the likes of Robert Wagner.

  3. I agree Roz. Wagner is NOT a film icon. He was always jealous (as I see it) when Natalie was recognized as one. I remember seeing the youtube.com video when Wagner and Natalie were honoring Bette Davis. When she began to talk about her fear of the water and told the story of Bette coming out and screaming at the director, you could just see Wagner, well, his body shifted and he looked like "here we go again...". It made me sick!

    I love NCIS, but I refuse to watch it when Wagner is on. He's an ass...opps, I said it!

    Marti, I'm glad you're here and we're here with you helping YOU give Natalie a voice! WE LOVE YOU!

  4. Julie Ann, you hit the nail on the head with your description of Wagner's behavior at the awards show. He is such a phony--he consistently gives it away by his behavior and hollow words. whether at awards shows or in interviews. That night, Natalie gave a very nice and meaningful tribute to Bette Davis, and all Wagner could muster toward Ms. Davis was, "You're beautiful," with that flash of teeth that you could see across a crowded room.

    He is so superficial--but that is what narcissists are. They are empty shells. Wagner "worked with all of the greats," but he could never be one, so that is how he derived his identity and stoked his ego, by hanging around "the greats" and even marrying one--twice.

    Does anything think that Sir Laurence Olivier would've wanted just Wagner to be in the remake of "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof?" If Natalie weren't involved, there would have been no reason for Wagner to even be near the set. He rode on Natalie's coattails--what a schmuck.

  5. Another awards show in which Wagner's behavior was telling was the Golden Globes show during which Natalie won for 1979's "From Here to Eternity." When they announced her name, the shot of Wagner's face said it all. For several seconds, he looked like he was NOT happy for her. Natalie, obviously, was elated.

    Then it seemed like Wagner suddenly realized, "Oh, I'm supposed to be happy for her!" And immediately he pasted a smile on his mug.

    There had been a clip of this on You Tube for several months last year, but I don't think it's there anymore (unless someone put it up again). It is just VERY telling.

  6. If not for Natalie, Wagner would not have played Brick. Olivier admired Natalie and had been wanting to work with her for a long time. I doubt he ever gave Wagner a second thought.

    That bit with Davis from Wagner was so superficial and so fake.

    "with the flash of teeth you could see across a crowded room." LOL, good one.

  7. It's true--Olivier wouldn't have invited Wagner anywhere near the set without Natalie. A giant like him pining to act with Wagner? No way! But of course, in Wagner's deluded mind, he was of value to "the greats."

    I like how Wagner's performance was skewered by critics. His entire performance was wooden. Great acting!

  8. One critic said that Wagner was out of his league in Cat and because of that, Natalie was basically acting alone in her scenes with Wagner.

  9. Ha ha! How true! I wonder if Wagner ever heard or read those comments. His face probably became beet-red and flushed.