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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Have a great week....

Natalie especially loved springtime, and loved spending her holidays surrounded by those she loved.

I will be finishing up reports this week to accompany the petition, and will be in touch with others involved so that I can soon post the selected date we intend to submit the petition with an official request to have Natalie Wood's case reopened.  In the meantime...

As today is Palm Sunday leading into the Easter week, and Passover begins tomorrow, I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful, joyful holiday week. I will be extra busy this week as I'll be having Easter dinner coupled with a family birthday party next Sunday. Lots to do.... 

I had Sunday dinner today and my 4-year old grandson (we call him "Gooch") was telling all eight of us (including my other 4-year old grandson who listened intently) about an Easter play his other grandmother took him to this morning. He carefully explained to us his interpretation of the play, talked about how Jesus was on the cross and his head was bloody and swaying (we were getting a little nervous but continued listening), and when we thought he wrapped it up by explaining, "Jesus died but really didn't die, and then he was way up high in the sky,"  his eyes became wide and he finished his story by adding, "Then after the play I went into the bathroom and I saw the man who killed Jesus in there."

We were roaring! I wish you all wonderful family moments this holiday week.  (PS: we explained to Gooch we were happy Jesus was fine!) Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring!


  1. Thanks Marti for sharing, I got a kick out of your grandson. Have a wonderful Easter dinner. Can't wait to see when the date will be and all the NEW'S it will bring. God bless you and your family Dennis too.

  2. LOL...out of the mouths of babes! Funny story. What a beautiful pic of Natalie, so springish. Happy Easter.

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  4. That's why childhood rules.

    Hope everything with the report goes well.

    Happy Easter to all. Christos Voskres.

  5. Happy Holidays to all.

    Marti, your little Gooch sounds adorable.

  6. Happy Holidays to all, and may next year bring some measure of justice for Natalie.

    Thank you, Marti, thank you, Dennis.