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Friday, April 29, 2011

Special Weddings

Kate in her wedding reception dress.

Today's Royal wedding was watched by more people than any other in history. It was a beautiful ceremony.
I, like millions of others, got up in the middle of the night to start watching and although I had a very busy day, I had two TV's on and caught most of the festivities live. I enjoyed the history of the day.... Kate may one day be Queen of England. That just has to be an overwhelming thought for her at moments. 

Congratulations to William and Kate. Kate reminds me of a "good soul" -- I think she is beautiful and ever so elegant. There's a gentleness and humble quality about her that reminds me of Natalie Wood.  I saw this photo tonight online and I thought of Natalie, how she must have felt on her wedding days. RJ's and Natalie's wedding was called the "most glittering of Hollywood ceremonies" in the 1950's.  There's such promise for newlyweds. It's sad how it ends for some.  


  1. I watched it too and thought she looked beautiful, and you could tell how much they are in love. Thanks. Pam

  2. Kate and Natalie (in this pic) really resemble each other. This pic reminds me of Natalie in her B&C&T&A days!