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Friday, April 1, 2011

What Wagner told NY Post Columnist Cindy Adams about the night Natalie Wood drowned.

Cindy Adams of the New York Post (October 8, 2008) asked Wagner why he wrote a book.

“I’ve been fortunate,” he said. “There were so many in my heart that I just wanted to acknowledge them. It wasn’t easy to do. It’s been three years in the making. The whole experience was emotional.

“You stop and think about everything. Fortunately, I kept old phone books and lots of stills, so I could at least recall people’s names. Look, you see the time going. I’m doing my job 60 years. Someone said the other day they’d seen me with Susan Hayward in ‘A Song in My Heart.’ That was 1952.”

Reprising his Natalie Wood years was painful. The storybook marriage of two movie stars, the troubles, their divorce, a remarriage, that tragic end—after a night of drinking and arguing at sea, she famously fell to her death from their yacht Splendour.

“I couldn’t do an autobiography without touching that, but it was tough to bring her back. We met when she was 8 years old. I wanted to tell how happy we were . . . as for what happened that night she died, Chris Walken, who was with us, has gone over and over it with me. Did either of us ever hear anything? . . . It’s now 27 years later, and I’ve relived it a million times in my head. Maybe even more. I constantly second-guess myself. If I’d been there at that moment. I was responsible for her. I was always there for her. I wasn’t there then.


  1. We have Wagner giving one story (with varying details) about the way Natalie Wood died, and we have a published book written by one of the people who was with Natalie the night she died (a witness to what Wagner was really doing that night). His account implicates Wagner in the death of his wife.
    The strange thing about this is that GNGS has been published while Wagner is still alive.
    Has anything like this ever happened before?
    Even stranger, the press behave like the book doesn't exist.

  2. He must be a TRUE nut, in every sense of the word. He talks like "poor pitiful me"...and it literally makes me sick. Yeah, and "Chris and I have been over and over it...." PLEEEASE!

    I'm so thankful for Dennis and Marti and for the TRUTH. I'm hoping the TRUTH "eats" at Wagner for the rest of his life. If the LAPD is not gonna reopen this case, that is the least I can hope for.

    I am a decent person, who believes in treating others as I would want for myself, but in this case, I'm going for the JUGULAR! HANG HIM BY HIS NAIL TIPS....gosh that sounds mean! and I really hate to even leave this post, but I'm so tired of Wagner and anything that even comes from his mouth.

    Marti....you got me riled up! Sorry! I miss Natalie!

  3. Kevin, I know. The media acts like this truth isn't available. Wagner will be the new voiceover for Charlie's Angels (the voice of Charlie). He may write another book. And the media AND the law acts like this truth doesn't exist! All I can promise everyone is that will change. I know it seems like it's taking forever, but I promise it will change.

    It's enraging to say the least. If he went over and over this with Walken (almost makes me want to vomit, such a deliberate, callous, outright LIE of Wagner's), why doesn't he elaborate and let us know exactly what they "went over." Did they talk about how Walken SLEPT through the fight? Did they talk about how the dinghy got released? WHAT did they go over? Many reporters have had the opportuntiy to ASK!

    Yes, I PROMISE, things will change!

  4. Wagner is NOTHING! and I believe the truth is going to be heard by all and justice will come, All because of you and Dennis. Thanks. Pam

  5. Chris Walken went over it with him? My question would be "WHY"? Chris was sleeping when Natalie allegedly went missing. What help could he have been to Wagner in going over it? Wouldn't it make more sense to go over it with Dennis who was wide awake for all of it, saw and heard most of it. Perhaps what Walken and Wagner "went over" was exactly what Walken would say he saw and heard if need be. Would he back up Wagner's story of the bottle breaking? If yes, which version would he back up. Would it be the story Wagner told Lambert which had Natalie present when he smashed the bottle or would he back up the latest version in which Natalie was not present. How complicated it must have been for Wagner and Walken when they went over these things because when one lies, one has to remember what one said in the past. I think we all know why Wagner chooses to "go over it" with someone who saw and heard nothing rather than someone who saw and heard it all.

  6. It would be foolish and irresponsible of the press if they continue not to challenge Wagner when he makes such statements about the night Natalie died; with the book out there, it would be ludicrous for the press to allow him to keep getting away with his constant lying.
    Dennis is not some guy off of the street. Dennis was the man sitting at Wagner's side every one of those precious hours that Wagner let Natalie float away to her certain death.
    In the future, people like Cindy Adams need to show some backbone.

  7. Two words: Media Exposure.

    As of this moment, GNGS is partly underground, so Wagner can ignore anything and everything. As soon as the book gets some more mainstream and positive exposure, both in the legal arena as well as the media, then the ghosts of karma will come riding in.

  8. I have met Mr. Wagner and he is cold, arrogant, evasive and snide. His act may fool most people but I can see right through him. I'm not going to say he murdered Natalie because I simply don't know, but I would not put ANYthing past a man like that.

  9. I don't think a person (like Ms Adams) has to believe that Wagner murdered Natalie, but I think a person in Ms Adams' position should acknowledge that the book exists and challenge Wagner when he makes statements like the one above.

  10. Hi Jim,

    Don't know if you read GNGS or not, but it would give you the FACTS about what happened the night Natalie died, and it's easy to put the puzzle together with Dennis Davern's account (polygraphed account!). We all wonder why the media is still so timid...we can't understand it, but as long as I am breathing, I will do what I can for justice for Natalie. She EXPERIENCED her husband's wrath that night...to the point of death!
    I really appreciating you stopping by here. You have a really nice blog, some interesting reads posted there, and I hope you will let your readers know about GNGS. I like that you have the guts to SAY something! No one else in the celebrity world does. We're in the process of getting the petition submitted and I also hope you will sign it, for a reopening of the Wood case. Again, thanks for stopping by.


  11. Kevin,
    Cindy was very good friends with the publisher, Michael Viner, who took GNGS on. Had Michael not died two weeks before GNGS's release, things would have been different. Michael was also Larry King's BEST friend (he was best man at Larry's wedding). A lot of media was ready and willing to support GNGS, until Michael passed away. Cindy did mention GNGS in late August of 2009. Sales soared. Then, she did an about face and wrote in another column that we should all let Natalie 'rest in peace' -- well, for me, and many of us, that's easier said than done.

  12. Adams read GNGS. If I were her I would have asked where this sense of responsibility was when Natalie was missing close to 4 hours and he had not not yet notified the Coast Guard. That does not make sense. Did he second guess himself on that? He neglected to mention that in his book.

  13. Wouldn't part of Natalie "resting in peace" be for the truth to be known? I know the truth could hurt her daughters and that's a shame, but they are adults, and the truth is always best. No one can live a good life, an authentic life, if part of that life is a lie. The truth needs to be more widely known. Natalie Wood's death was not an accident. Could not have been an accident.

  14. Gabrielle,
    I wrote to Cindy Adams after she published the "let her rest" piece: I offered the same sentiments you mentioned: that to have the truth released is the only thing that could allow her to rest in peace. I never heard from Cindy again. Everyone is afraid to be the one to speak up loudly.

  15. Why can't Natalie have justice?

    That was an ignorant remark for Ms Adams to make, and I hope she doesn't refer to herself as a journalist.

    With that kind of thinking, why investigate any past case? Should we say the hell with it and let all of those that may have met their fate at the hands of another "rest in peace" and forget about the truth?
    Their is a witness who contradicts Wagner's entire story. Let's get this case looked at again, and let's get to the truth--no matter what that might be.

    We have a responsibility to seek the truth.

  16. You would think the authorities would feel the same way! On my next post, I'm going to retrieve something else that was removed by an editor from GNGS. It was WHY I contacted Frank Salerno and really believed I would find the help we needed with him. FOr some reason, I still believe Frank might have this case on his conscience. It's a gut feeling, and I'm probably wrong, but I'm thinking about contacting him again before we turn in the petition -- which, incidentally, is awaiting a few reports I'm still working on. I apologize, but "real life" interfered and I had a grueling March work schedule and I was sick on top of it. I'm back to steady business on Natalie's case now.

  17. Okay, want to clarify something...working on Natalie's case is "real life" too! I should have said, "everyday life" or something less confusing. It's just that I really do have an everyday life, and fitting in GNGS and all that follows is sometimes what I have to steal time for. I NEVER mind stealing time for it, and only wish I had MORE time to devote to it, but "real life" gets in the way. I cook, I clean, I work, I babysit, I bookkeep, I entertain, I socialize, I shop, I watch baseball, some other TV, and I always have a Sunday family dinner. It's hard juggling it all, but my book and what comes of it means everything to me. I just can't let over 20 years of work not have a justified ending, for myself as well as for Natalie. I hope that is not misinterpreted by anyone either. I feel justified in wanting GNGS to be taken seriously and that's all I mean by that. Sorry if I'm sounding defensive, because that's not it: I'm actually feeling angry when I think about how the truth is ignored and how lies and image still trumps the truth. I am the kind of person who believes truth and justice can and will prevail. I want it in Wagner's lifetime, not in his death. Maybe that says I'm braver than the media. Maybe it says I'm a lot more naive. That remains to be seen.

  18. If the proverb "only the good die young" holds true, there are still many years to go to see justice in Wagner's lifetime.

  19. Marti, based on my participation on this blog, there are many of us who are grateful for your hard work on this case. Thank you. :-)

    I've sometimes thought Seth MacFarlane should put a snide comment in The Family Guy about Robert Wagner.


  20. KB, I thought Jay Leno would have a few snide remarks but instead, he seems to adore Wagner.
    Thus far, only on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" was something mentioned, which surprised me because Wagner did have a short part in the classic yada, yada, yada, episode on Seinfeld years ago. But Jerry was as into it as Larry David was when the comment was made, "Yeah, what WAS Walken doing on that boat?"

  21. Marti, your energy and determination are amazing. You have so many things going on, yet you will never give this up. Something or someone will crack--keep up your great work!

    I am still shaking my head at the delusional Mr. Reverse Mortgage, planning to write another book about all of his "ladies." It very well could be an attempt to make up for his huge, shocking mistake in his first piece of garbage, talking about Natalie the way he did and not even dedicating the book or mentioning her in the acknowledgments.

    Maybe someone advised him that this second piece (piece of something) would be a good idea to show oh-how-much they adored each other. And that, OF COURSE, would lead people to think that he couldn't possibly have killed her. He LOVED her!

    Well, you're more likely to be killed by someone you know (and/or are intimate with) than by a stranger. And many people get killed every day by someone they love and who supposedly loves them. It's called domestic violence.

    Wagner's little brigade that insists that he loved Natalie and therefore just couldn't have done it are the truly naive ones, not the people like us who see the truth in "GNGS." They are the pitiful ones.