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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pieces of lies

There have been a few comments in other posts mentioning Wagner's book, "Pieces of My Heart."  Here, at this blog, most believe his book is astonishingly telling.

The person who commented said, Wagner came across as very crass, mean-spirited, and self-serving. The book was nothing more than an attempt to make him look good. At times it was downright breathtaking (but NOT in a good way).

I agree with this person's observation that Wagner's choice in not mentioning Natalie as one of the women who has influenced him is all-telling!  He dedicated to the "six women in my life" who have meant the most to him in his life, and suspiciously, the woman he married twice is eliminated from that group. The women he named were his mother, sister, current wife Jill St. John, and his three daughters.

The next question the person commenting had was: Natalie didn't help make his life meaningful? She saved his rear end from bankruptcy and afforded him to live a glamourous life at her side--TWICE. She apparently also protected his reputation at her own expense in the aftermath of their first marriage.
Stunningly, Natalie is not even mentioned in the TWO full pages of acknowlegements at the back. (They are in rather small print, so he jammed a lot of them in, too.) He manages to thank sports figures and the friends of Courtney, but he doesn't have room for Natalie anywhwere?

The chapter on Natalie's death rang hollow and stale, as if it were written with the help of an attorney. He cried over his dead dog and his pals, but he didn't get emotional over Natalie. Even the title of his book came from a tearful remembrance of Barbra Stanwyck, NOT of Natalie.

Wagner's actions and words do not reflect that of a man who tragically, accidently lost the "love of his life." His book was another way to let the world know, and not even subtly in some passages, that his finest memories and gratitude have little to do with Natalie Wood.


  1. Wagner's book was a mass of lies told to make him look better the the truth would have made him look. We all know on this blog that he is all about how it looks.
    There is no doubt that he had his lawyer by his side when he wrote the brief recollection of Natalie's death.
    The lies were plentiful. The lie about when he began dating St. John. The lie about his burial plot at Westwood, the lie about Dorothy Kilgallen's column, the lie about the length of his relationship with Stanwyck along with all of the secret affair he had. LOL The lie about the last time he saw Natalie, the lie about where Natalie was when he broke the bottle, on and on. All of the lies were told to hide THE TRUTH. Which is the same reason he lied to the police.

  2. This is all why I will not read his book, Thanks for sharing this write up.

    Thanks, Pam

  3. Roz,
    Long before GNGS, thousands upon thousands of people questioned Natalie's death, all to deaf ears in the media and law enforcement. Now, with a polygraphed book on the market, the media still needs more. We're going to give it to them. Thanks for being here.

  4. It's my pleasure to be here, Marti. Thank YOU for being here and never giving up.

  5. I'm gonna go out for a walk...I need to in order to erase the thoughts I have of Wagner right now.

    In the mean time, does anyone know if Jack Ruby is still working?