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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Make Every Minute Count"

Here's an old Rex Reed column I hope you can read from this post. Natalie did want to publish an autobiography, and she did start her memoirs. She told Rex "make every minute count" which is something I believe Natalie truly tried to do, but it's disturbing to think about all of the minutes -- decades -- she has been robbed of.     


  1. I read it, all I had to do is click on it and it makes it bigger. One thing I find is he said Natalie would offen go off in the dinghy to read or to be alone. Is this something he new or just heard from Wagner.
    Thanks, Pam

  2. Pam,
    Lots of people repeat that she would use the dinghy to star gaze or run ashore because Wagner put it out there enough to get the lie going. Natalie would often read aboard the Splendour, in the wheelhouse sitting in "her perch" but NEVER in the dinghy, and she NEVER took the dinghy out alone, especially to star gaze at night.

    Also, thank you to Roz for emailing me this Rex Reed column from the NY Daily News archives. It shows how appreciated and missed Natalie was by so many.

  3. That's what I thought, I'm glad you commented on this, because I didn't want some to get it wrong. Thanks again for sharing. Pam

  4. "Her death was a cruel and rotten waste, but not her life." Well said, Mr Reed.

    Mr Reed writes that he will always be haunted by the question of why Natalie left the boat alone at night? There is one person--and only one person--who has the entire answer to that question. However, Mr Wagner continues to ignore his responsibility in the death of his late wife, Natalie Wood--he is a coward hiding in plain sight. I honestly thought, by now, he would have done what is right and decent to correct a terrible wrong he committed 30 years ago. I thought he would erase the shame he brought to Ms Wood's name (and her family), but he is obviously a man with little character. His continuing silence, to me, is an affirmation of Mr Davern's story.

  5. Thanks, Roz, for sharing that article with Marti and the rest of us. It makes me sad and angry all over again to read certain things, but at the same time, it's wonderful to hear things from people that actually knew Natalie. It says it all--no one in Hollywood had a mean thing to say about her because she was real and she was special.

    I had the same reaction when I read the line about her taking out the dinghy alone. I was disappointed to hear Reed repeat that fabrication. But Wagner's greatest skill has been at fooling people his whole life--it certainly wasn't in acting before the camera but he has been highly adept at acting in his own life. He has managed to pull it off to a tee.

    For that reason, Kevin, I think coming clean is just not something that could be expected of such a person as Wagner. After all, he has lived a "charmed life," in his own words. Why would he ever tell the truth about what happened that night?

    And the truth is that he is a lousy actor, but he is a consummate con artist/sociopath.

  6. Very well put Marianne9 and oh so true.

  7. Thanks, 4Aussie. Wagner's behavior and words are stunning examples of a serious fundamental character flaw. And things like that don't change. He will never admit to what happened. But thanks to Marti and Dennis, we now know.

  8. What a touching tribute to Natalie. It's nice to read what people felt immediately after her death. Rex Reed was right -- it was a "rotten waste."