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Friday, May 27, 2011

Actors who could play RJ

Marti Rulli & Donny Osmond
Promotional photo of Donny Osmond

 A few years ago, I met Donny Osmond in NY (My sister-in-law used to do some volunteer promotional work for him), so when he was singing at a benefit at the Hard Rock Cafe, we attended. My biggest thrill that night was meeting Phil Collins, who also participated in the show.

I just came across this photo of me and Donny taken that night (he was very nice and it seemed genuine!) and it reminded me of a thought I'd had when I met Donny. I know this may sound odd, but in some weird way, in person, Donny reminded me of Wagner, and I remember the thought crossing my mind that to simply lighten his hair, he could be a good candidate to play Wagner. You might "see" it better in the promotional photo I also included here. I'm not even sure how well Donny can act, but somehow it was easy for me to see him playing Wagner. 

In "The Mystery of Natalie Wood" Michael Weatherly played a better young Wagner than older one (the age he was when Natalie died). I wasn't particularly pleased with the entire cast of that movie but I thought Justine Waddell did a pretty good job as Natalie, although even make-up couldn't transform Justine's eyes into Natalie's beautiful eyes. But Justine did a wonderful acting job in it. There were moments, in the distant shots of her, she really looked like Natalie.

Walken's and Dennis's roles in that movie are totally forgettable, as it was meant to be. The movie focused on the "banging dinghy" theory, therefore, Christopher's and Dennis's parts in the night Natalie died were expungable. If another movie is made of the story of Nov. 28th, 1981, it would be as crucial to choose the right Wagner as it would be to choose Natalie.


  1. Hi Marti, been laying low, had some surgery, but I still check in. Donny has done some acting and is pretty good, but I wouldn't want him to play Wagner because I like Donny LOL. He is a very good looking man as was he in his younger days, Wagner is NOT. Take care, Pam

  2. Marti, Funny that you posted a story about Osmond. This past week, I came across a CD of his, through my Rhapsody subscription, where he sings 70'S love songs (I never listen to Donny Osmond). It is one of his newer recordings and I was surprised how good he is. I was expecting that voice he had when he was a kid, but he sounded mature and he did a great interpretation of songs like "Alone Again (Naturally)" and "Laughter In The Rain." I have to give this guy his due.

  3. Back is the 70s, Natalie and RJ were going to an event and they knew that Donny and Marie would be there. Natasha asked Natalie to get autographs for her and she did.

  4. I had a teenage crush on Donny Osmond but also on Alice Cooper which is interesting given they are different in how they represent themselves. Having recently seen an interview with Donny and another with Alice Cooper I have to say that I still fancy the pants off both of them!