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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers and Daughters

Marti Rulli with daughter Jeannine (Born June 10, 1974)

Natalie Wood with daughter Courtney (Born March 9, 1974)
Natalie Wood and I were pregnant the same year and each gave birth to daughters the same year in 1974.

Both of these photos were taken around the time Dennis had just started working for the Wagner family. I was thrilled for him, and immediately started asking many questions about my favorite actress, Natalie Wood. Dennis told me Natalie was so happy with her baby daughter, Courtney, and commented that she was truly a dedicated and loving mother. I related: I was the same way with my daughter (and all of my children, as Natalie was with hers).

The above photo of me is with my daughter on her first birthday, and the photo below of Natalie with young daughter Courtney tells a fundamental story: a loving mother is a loving mother, circling around the world.

Often, fanhood gets in the way for some people to realize that celberities are basic human beings, too. They experience all of life the same way everyday people experience life. Their bank accounts may be extra padded, but they are real people! They are not the characters they play. I hope I portrayed that specialness about Natalie in Goodbye Natalie because she was truly down to earth considering the mega, iconic star she was (and remains).

Some celebrities get caught up in their own make-believe world when acting, or become so full of themselves they believe they deserve to be classified as special. The true greats always understood better. Natalie always did. Her home and family meant more to her than anything else on earth. Image and fame were not her priorities. Her daughters came first. It's terribly sad she was unable to raise them to womanhood.



  1. 1974...Lana also had a daughter that year. Happy [early] Mother's Day.

  2. Marti, be careful of this "jenny" person. She makes nice on your blog but she dissed you on IMDB. She said that you will never get justice for Natalie, she ridiculed the petition and said that it's taking too long. She also made so vulgar references to Natalie.

  3. I think the intention here was a point having little to do with the actual years daughters were born. It's about what mothers experience and priorities and how paralell different lifestyles often are. Marti didn't end up dead at the hand of her husband. Which life was the safest nomatter who owned a yacht?

    I love seeing these pics. A picture says a 1,000 words. Happy Motyher's day to all mothers in the world.

  4. Love these photos you're posting lately. Please post more. Tried to post about your Central Park ride with Dennis but couldn't get in! I love hearing about Natalie but when I hear about Dennis I somehow feel closer to Nat. Hope that makes sense. He seems to really know the woman. Natalie was a suberb mom and you could see that about her with every word she spoke of her daughers. You look like a good mom, also, even though very young! It's not about age. I wish Natalie could see her daughters today.

  5. I, too, wish Natalie could have experienced the joy of watching her daughters grow into women. When Natalie died, I thought that he final lucid thoughts must have been about her kids. How does that man live with himself and boast about his "charmed life"?

    Marti, your daughter was adorable. You were brave putting her so close to that cake!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  6. LOL, Roz, I was holding her one hand back but she was going right for the cake with the other.

    And, yes, I had posted a photo of Natalie with Natasha, NOT Courtney, previously. This new photo is definitely COURTNEY. I had found both photos online and am now astounded how much the two daughters resembled each other as babies. I'll repost the other picture in another thread.

  7. I love these photos -- I'm very close in age to both the babies pictured here.

  8. Kristin, so you could be my daughter! :-)
    I love that! I love that people appreciate Natalie who were not even born yet when she was at her peak. Of course, I think one her best performances was still ahead of her..... She was ready for the more involved scripts being written in the 80's ... what a loss!

    I was 10 when I snuck into a theater to see Gypsy. I fell in love with Natalie as an actress. To me, she represented the BEST of what Hollywood had to offer.