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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Natalie Wood almost made it

Reopen Investigation of Natalie Wood's death Petition

420 people have "liked" the petition at Facebook, and 703 have signed. Thank you for all signatures.

In particular, I am impressed with a comment (signer #702), Mr. Bordeaux from France left at the petition. He makes an important point. Here's what he said:

When I was a kid, I wanted "to be in America" too, for Ms. Wood. She has represented your great country better than you can ever imagine. I think you owe her justice now. It's not about condemning so-and-so. First and foremost it's about restoring dignity to a truly remarkable woman who should have the right to tell her little girls that hangover and recklessness had NOTHING to do with her leaving them. If the word "compassion" means anything to you, please reopen this case. Thank you.  (end comment)

For those "out there" that consider "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour" a personal attack on Robert Wagner, they are wrong. What GNGS includes is Dennis Davern's polygraphed account of what he witnessed the weekend Natalie died. From his account, it's not difficult to "do the math" but primarily, GNGS was written with an intention to redeem dignity for Natalie Wood, and not as a trial and jury for Robert Wagner. That's the law's job that they failed miserably with in 1981 and refuse to recognize yet in 2011. Those with facts about that terrible weekend continued to be ignored byt the law. Hopefully, the petition will help the law to reconsider.

Thus, I really appreciate the above petition comment as this was recognized by someone across the globe. More and more people are recognizing that Natalie did not get drunk and fall off of her yacht. There was so much more involved that tragic evening almost 30 years ago.

Natalie Wood not only lived with dignity, she died with dignity, struggling to stay alive and calling for help from drowning. According to Coast Guard Captain, Roger Smith, she almost made it.


  1. Very nicely put Marti, I like what Mr Bordeaux from France wrote too. I just pray Natalie get's her Justice. Thank you for sharing. Pam

  2. Wagner's fans think that it's all about him. It's not, it's all about Natalie, justice and dignity for Natalie, giving Natalie the voice that was taken from her. That's what GNGS is all about. If the truth about the part that Wagner played in her death and the many lies that he told over the years are revealed in GNGS, so be it.

  3. Pam, thank you for caring the way you do about justice for Natalie. I know you brought this story to many people who've signed the petition, and I am grateful for that. It won't be long now before we submit it.

    Roz....exactly! It's about Natalie...what SHE was robbed of. Wagner was robbed of nothing...in his eyes, he was not even robbed of a wife because he knows that what's in GNGS is true. That's why he won't address ANY of it! All those threats about stopping it, and when it's released, he shuns it. He can face what he can call "conjecture" but he has yet to face what's factual in GNGS. It's pretty easy to figure out why he doesn't. Natalie's daughters should know that their mother is not responsible for her own death. Alcohol is not the reason Natalie died. ALcohol was consumed over that weekend but not by ridiculous amounts some would have us believe.