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Monday, May 16, 2011

Natalie Wood, beautiful at 43

In March I posted a black and white photo of Natalie holding her Golden Globe statuette, and have since come across this top photo of Natalie that was taken on the night she was honored. It was 1979 when she played character Karen Holmes in a TV mini-series remake of the classic film "From Here To Eternity"-- she received the award in January 1980.

The photo below is a beautiful one of Natalie while she was performing in Brainstorm, her final movie. With a few studio scenes left to shoot in late 1981, we all learned in Nov. 1981 that Natalie had been found drowned off the coast of Catalina Island.

She was a young, beautiful, vibrant woman whose life was taken suddenly. Natalie Wood's death is the result of a heated argument aboard her family yacht, the Splendour and not because she drank too much and lost her balance while performing a boat chore. The last thing on Natalie's mind the night of her disappearance from the yacht was a boat chore! 

I know what everyone is waiting to hear. Please bear with me for a few short weeks.


  1. ??WHAT?? are we waiting to hear?

  2. I know what, and it's worth the wait, good luck Marti we will have justice for Natalie. I love all that you do, your the best. Thanks, Pam

  3. Hi Marti, Thanks for sharing your week. It seems we have the same pleasures and passions. Last weekend my wife and I treated our grand kids to a Sea Dogs game in Maine.(RedSoxsAA)We had agreat affordable time. As for passions, Iv'e been a Natalie fan forever. I have gone as far as adorning a TV room in our house with more than twenty original movie posters and inserts.What my wife puts up with!!!! (actually she is good with my obsession,shes great 40 years married this year) Once again thanks for sharing your week,and all your HARD work. Waiting............ Thangs Marti, Rich

  4. Julie, I know people are impatient about the petition, but we're getting there...that's what everyone is waiting to hear, and I will have news soon. See the bracelet pic above post...thank you again for the beautiful design! It sparkles, like Natalie did!

    Pam, thank you, yep, you knew!

  5. Rich,

    I really enjoyed the game the other night. I do want to get to a Phils game soon, though, but the minor league games are just as fun and exciting.

    I love that you have a room devoted to Natalie, and also that you have a wife who accepts your admiration for Natalie. Like you said, amazing what she puts up with...lol.
    Congratulations on 40 years. That doesn't happen without a couple having a deep respect for one another.

    I admit, I thought about deleteing "my week" as it was written more as a vent ... it's not that insults interfere with my life, it's just that my life is very meaningful to me and a dear author friend once told me that if you don't spill your guts out on paper, and if you leave the emotion behind, then don't bother writing. Of course, emotions must sometimes be checked, too. I am very emotional over the injustice Natalie has met. It's mindboggling to me and I have little patience for people who can't see what she deserves.

    Keep those posters up and remember a really wonderful woman...she deserves it. And, thank you for commenting.

  6. Honestly Marti, you and Dennis have changed my life. Yours and Dennie's dedication to Natalie is by far, one, that is remarkable. I will forever be seeing this life in a different perspective.

    Creating SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS for you was an honor. Truly...an honor, for all your hard work and continued vision in getting this case solved.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.