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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Rob Lowe anecdote about Robert Wagner

Robert Wagner | BwgS


The following is from the above link:

Rob Lowe ‘s memoir, ‘Stories I Only Tell My Friends,’ has just pop out and people trying to get the within dirt on that infamous sex video could be sorely disappointed. Instead they are going to be thoroughly moved by Lowe’s incredible tales about his life and career. Just like the time he said goodbye to Robert Wagner, Cary Grant and Prince Rainier of Monaco at a charity dinner only to overhear Wagner tell the others, “Ya know, guys, I suspect that kid’s banged each one of our daughters.”

Call me a prude, but for a father to make such a statement, trying to be humorous at the expense of his daughters, is lewd AND crude and totally classless. His daughters had to be young at the time because  when you consider that Cary Grant died in 1986, that makes Natasha 16 at the time...probably younger at the time of this party. Even if he was talking about Katie, it shows the lack of character and class this man has. This statement is an accurate example of the insensitivity this man maintains. His comment is not only insensitive to his own daughters, but also to Lowe, but who no doubt thought it was funny, but to each his own, I suppose.

Natalie would NEVER had made such a comment about her cherished daughters. Never.



  1. Marti -

    Wagner is referring to Katie (from a previous marriage) who was a grown woman and acquainted with Lowe at this time. His only daughter by Natalie (Courtney) was a young child at this time. Natasha was probably early teens at the most. Regardless, his quote has nothing to do with Natalie's children.

  2. I don't care if Katie was 50 at the time, that is a rather crude comment for a father to make about his daughter, talking about who is "banging" her. I suspect Katie was a in her early 20s.
    According to Natasha, Wagner put her on the Pill when she was 15 years old.
    A father talking about his daughter's sexual activities with other men is tasteless and crude. It does match the classy image Wagner tries so hard to perpetuate. It was crude and vulgar.
    We know that Katie is from RJ's second marriage and we know that Courtney is Natalie's daughter with RJ.

  3. Jenny,
    There's no way you could know what he meant or which daughter he referred to. It obviously was not a LITERAL comment. The comment was probably said to get a laugh, but I don't think it's funny. I think it's revealing. Every one of us has at one time or another said something we wish we could take back, or something we've said has been misconstrued, but it's pretty hard to misconstrue Wagner's comment. You simply DO NOT joke about your children this way (and your children are children at ANY age!)

    I also think it's something Rob Lowe didn't have to share. In my opinion, it shows a lack of sensitivity in both of them...Wagner for saying it, and Lowe for telling it. What some celebrities are "proud of" (like Sheen parading his goddesses around, having them kiss on stage) is rather stomach-turning for many people who inately understand standards. To each his own, but not when someone is sacrificed in the process.

    Lowe says Wagner said "I suspect he banged EACH ONE of our DAUGHTERS." Age of the daughters is irrelevant. It's a crude, classless comment, and NO decent mother would apprecaite it (nor would decent fathers). The father--not even the STEP-father--of MY children would EVER say such a thing.

    It's a stomach-turning comment, comparable to when Wagner compared Freddie's penis to a baby's arm (in writing, in his book), or like when Dennis was once telling Wagner about a female reporter who was hounding him, and Wagner asked one thing: "Well, did you f---k her? That's your revenge, Dennis." (Actually, Dennis HAD, but he felt terrible about it! Wagner thought it was funny.)

    Perennial, immutable defense of Wagner is mindboggling. Bottomline here is, you came to the WRONG place to defend him or his comment.

  4. Low-class. A disturbing comment for a father to make about his own daughter(s). I can't imagine my Dad ever saying something like that in regards to my two Sisters. I wonder what Grant and Rainier thought?

    Wagner showing his true colors.

  5. GNGS is no "Conspiracy Theory." It tells the true story about the events leading up to and including the death of Natalie Wood. It is as straightforward as that--there is no "Grassy Knoll" in the story the book tells, no "Second Gunman."

    There was one man responsible for the disappearance (and subsequent death) of Miss Wood--her husband, Robert Wagner. The Hollywood community has done bupkes to put pressure on the authorities to look at Miss Wood's case again (in light of new information).

    What we get from the Hollywood community are cute anecdotes and praise about and for Miss Wood's husband.

    I wonder what Miss Wood would think about all of her "so called" friends now? They talk on DVDs about what a wonderful person she was, but not one of them has the b***s to do what is right. Do they even understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong about Miss Wood's case? Are they so far removed from the real world...?

    I have come to understand just what the words "Hollywood Community" really mean. The people in it are in a world unto themselves. I think the only thing they fear is a drop in their Q Rating. It has been a very eye-opening experience getting involved with GNGS and this blog.

    I think Wagner knew he could get away with what he did (I truly believe that). I think he understood the "Hollywood Community" better than anyone.

  6. Wagner is a crude man, I believe he is sick in the head, his crude comments at the start of some of the chapters in his book is why I did not read his book. I wonder if he ever showed this crude behavior to Natalie, I can't believe she would have stand for it.
    Natalie had class, Wagner does NOT.

  7. I agree, Pam. He has no class, yet he is certainly full of himself. His image meant more than a beautiful LIFE did!

    Kevin, I REALLY appreciate your comment. There's a review at Amazon that mentions "conspiracy theory type books" -- GNGS is definitely NOT one of them. If there was any conspiracy, it was on the side of who may have helped Wagner to cover the truth, but it just may have been a set of circumstances that worked in Wagner's favor. As for what Dennis and I reveal...it's nothing but PURE experience on Dennis's part, and what I uncovered in interviews with people who really could have made a difference in getting to the bottom of the case is anything but conspiracy. There's NO conspiracy, just NEGLECT on the side of the law in this case.