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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Natalie Wood is remembered

Simply a gorgeous photo of Natalie Wood. Her classic films and unmatchable beauty will have people talking about her for all of time. Even new fans feel the magnetism this woman generates to this very day.    


  1. What a beautiful smile! A welcome change from the photo on the previous thread. LOL

  2. Thank goodness! I certainly agree with you Roz! I certainly understand Marti's reasons for posting it in conjunction with the article but when I first saw that photo of *Wagner and the current Mrs. Wagner I though we were celebrating Halloween rather early this year.

    *I will not apologize for the juvenilia of this statement. If Wagner can have his plethora of crude, juvenile missives I'm certainly allowed one.

  3. How Beautiful, Natalie will always be with us and generations to come,and sorely missed.