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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A variety of photos in honor of Mother's Day

Marti Rulli with son Matt (Oct. 1981)

Lana Wood w/daughter Evan

Natalie Wood with her two daughters


Natalie Wood w/daughter Natasha

Marti Rulli w/daughter Jeannine 1979

The Wagner family

Marti Rulli with granddaughter Jessica, Boardwalk Photo Booth 1989

Natalie Wood with baby Natasha, Mother (Mud) sister Olga & husband

Happy Mother's Day, One and All!!!


  1. Love seeing these pics. They are beautiful. Any pic of mom with child usually is. Motherhood is something Natalie cherished, and to think of what she must've been thinking about her daughters while struggling to survive is heartbreaking. It must be a hard day tomorrow for her daughters. I have no doubt they still love and cherish her as they did as young girls. If your mother is still alive, be sure to hug her tomorrow. Happy mom's day to everyone.

  2. That's one of the things that bothers me most about Natalie's untimely death -- she barely got to enjoy her children's childhoods. She missed so much. As a mom of young kids, that's devastating to think about. I bet all moms have a worry in the back of their minds that something might happen to them before their children are grown. No one wants it to become reality. Our children need us so much.

  3. Exactly Kristin. Even to this day, with grown children, I do not want them to be without me for a long time into the future. A mother always wonders what would become of her children if something were to happen to her, it's a natural instinctive feeling. In our hearts, we all know Natalie must have thought about her daughters as she floated with the ocean currents. As a mother, it's rather unbearable to think about, isn't it? Yes, children are resilient (I KNOW, as I lost my mother at 12 years old, and my father at 4, so I was completely orphaned at just 12) but it's a void never, ever forgotten.
    I have no doubt Natalie's daughters -- especially Natasha -- think about her always. Their mom was famous, a legend -- it's even doubly hard I suspect for them, knowing the world misses her, too, or in maybe some small way, that could make it easier for them. I hope it does. I also hope that one day they will understand why so many people care about justice for their mother, too.

  4. I remember reading in GNGS that Natalie condsidered taking Natasha with her on the trip that Thanksgiving weekend because Natasha was so worried that something was going to happen to Natalie. That made me so sad!

    On a more positive note, these pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them, Marti! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! : )

  5. Thank you Eleana, I did have a wonderful Mother's Day. It is so sad that Natasha cried and put up a good fight to try to convince her mom to NOT take the trip to Catalina that fateful weekend. It's possible Natalie almost gave in, but Natalie was planning a weekend of entertaining her co-star and early Christmas shopping. Therfore, she stuck to her plan and told Natasha she would be spending her weekend at a friend's house, as originally planned.

    It makes you wonder about "sixth sense" doesn't it? Natasha was old enough at that time to remember the circumstances well to this day and I'm sure she is haunted by that tragic weekend. My heart goes out to Natalie's loving survivors. It is one of those poignant, eerie circumstances that seems too strange to be true, but it is.