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Monday, May 16, 2011

A beautiful Bracelet inspired by Splendor in the Grass

The bracelet Julie made for me, inspired by "Splendor in the Grass"

This is a photo of the beautiful bracelet inspired by “Splendor in the Grass” made for me by the talented artist, Julie.
http://www.julieannsmithdesigns.com/  And  http://www.julieannsmithdesigns.blogspot.com/

Julie put her heart into the making of the piece because she admires Natalie Wood and respects the heart-wrenching truth behind her death.

Julie had a design in mind inspired by SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS....and she made the original for me! It is gorgeous! Julie is an inspired artist, and her work reflects the care and detail she puts into her work. The bracelet is in remembrance of Natalie and Julie thanked me for the hard work I’ve accomplished for "bringing light into the darkness..." (for Natalie). I thank Julie and all of you for CARING.

I intend to wear the beautiful bracelet to the play “Slices of Lives” soon, honoring Natalie Wood. I hope to attend the “Slices of Lives” play in the next couple of weeks but it's been difficult to find a fre Saturday.


  1. Marti, I've missed reading your blog this past week, but I can sure see why you were too busy to post. I am one of the people who emailed you. I apologize now for it,but I know you appreciated it from your response. I can't stand reading what some people say, but if this post of yours doesn't set them straight, nothing will. They are evil souls and you are such a good soul. And as you said, there seems to be one person behind the insulting process. I loved reading about all you told about in this post. You are interesting and I have no clue on earth how you do all you do, or how anyone could do all you do. If you can spare an ounce of that energy my way, I'll gladly take it. You're photos are great, and you don't owe anyone anything but I do appreciate the look into a corner of your life. I like that we feel you are someone we know. You are an angel for Natalie. Thank you, as always, B

  2. I enjoyed reading about your life, it gives me a insight of why you care so much. I feel honored to have read GNGS and to be a small part of this blog and a small part to bring Natalie JUSTICE. Always Marti Thank you so much. Pam

  3. In the post below this one,

    rich said...
    Hi Marti, Thanks for sharing your week. It seems we have the same pleasures and passions. Last weekend my wife and I treated our grand kids to a Sea Dogs game in Maine.(RedSoxsAA)We had agreat affordable time. As for passions, Iv'e been a Natalie fan forever. I have gone as far as adorning a TV room in our house with more than twenty original movie posters and inserts.What my wife puts up with!!!! (actually she is good with my obsession,shes great 40 years married this year) Once again thanks for sharing your week,and all your HARD work. Waiting............ Thangs Marti, Rich


  4. I appreciate your post here Marti....you will forever be loved and I stand behind you and Dennis nine million percent. KEEP THE TRUTH ALIVE!