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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

15 Questions the Authorities Could Ask.

If the authorities don't know how to handle a new interview in the Natalie Wood case, they could start by asking these questions:

1) Why didn't you allow your boat skipper to turn on the searchlight?

2) Why did you demand that your boat skipper not be open and thorough with authorities?

3) Why did you say the dinghy was tied port?

4) Why did you lie about who was in the room when you smashed the wine bottle, when you finally did admit it over 20 years later?

5) Why didn't you tell us about the bottle smashing when we interviewed you the first time? You said you had no idea what happened. You don't think the bottle smashing would've angered your wife?

6) Why didn't you call for help for your wife immediately?

7) Why the 2 1/2 hour wait to call the local people? Why 2 more hours to concede to Coast Guard being called?

8) Why did you lie about why your wife spent the night on the island Friday night?

9) Why was your stateroom in shambles (there ARE pictures of it)?

10) You really think your wife received over two dozen bruises from one fall?

11) If you didn't think about the banging dinghy "theory" before learning that your wife was found in her nightgown, why did you tell the harbormaster she was wearing her nightgown when she went missing?

12) Why didn't you ever want to learn anything from Marilyn Wayne who probably heard your wife's cries for help?

13) Why did you take your "boat caretaker" under your wing for so long after your wife's death? You hired him an attorney, you paid for his therapy, you got him an acting job, you gave him money....why?

14) Why didn't you ever inform us that the dinghy is tied with two lines and that no one needs to go onto the swimstep to adjust those lines because they can actually be adjusted from the deck?

15) Why didn't you ever ask the detectives or coroner ANY questions, not even one?

1 comment:

  1. It's shameful that the authorities still refuse to ask these pertinent questions...SHAMEFUL! This woman deserves her justice, I don't care how many years later it is. This is SHAMEFUL!