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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The danger was intensified by alcohol...

Yes, Natalie Wood's alcohol level on the night she lost her life was .14, a level considered legally drunk. Wouldn't that have been ALL the MORE reason to not allow her to be alone out in the dinghy if her husband really believed that's where she was? Wouldn't that be ALL the MORE reason to turn on the searchlight and call for help immediately?
Her plight was doubly dangerous because the group had been drinking for hours. Her husband had smashed a wine bottle in anger, and that indicated she not only was missing "under the influence" but also missing "under disturbance." Natalie was inebriated and disturbed at her husband's actions. Those two factors demanded attention when she was "missing." Dennis Davern knew they should do something immediately. Her husband demanded NOTHING be done. His concerned act didn't start until an island worker showed up at the yacht over two hours later.
"Find her," he then started demanding.

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  1. Marti -
    I was shocked and stunned to read in an earlier post that Wagner started seeing Jill St. John THREE WEEKS AFTER NATALIE DIED! What is the man made of? How could a man lose his 'beloved' wife in a shocking, sudden 'accident' and start dating less than a month later? He put his 'pain' on the shelf rather quickly, didn't he? Couldn't have been very much there to begin with. You also mentioned that there have been things you left out because of your concern for Natasha and Courtney. I commend you for that, Marti, but now is the time to speak of them. The girls are grown women now. It was their mother who died a needless, tragic death in the way she feared the most. The interest in your book, I think, makes this the perfect time for all the truth to come to light. I have been a fan of Natalie's since childhood and still remember the shock and sadness I felt at the time of her death. Natalie still had so much more living to do! She had worked so hard, since she was little more than a toddler, not only on her career, but herself as well. Any new information just could be the final straw that breaks the authorities back about a new investigation into this case. The more noise we all make about this the better.
    Natalie is being treating like trash that has been thrown away. The very thought galls me beyond words! Chin up, stay strong and brave, dear, you are fighting the good fight!