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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A few hypothetical questions with real answers...

TV Characters:

Q: Would TV Character Jonathan Hart have waited over 2 hours to begin a search or call for help for his missing lovely wife Jennifer? And then another 2 hours to notify the professional Coast Guard?

A: Not even a daring script writer would've taken the character of Jonathan Hart in such a frightening, negligent direction.

Real Husbands:

Q: Would a LOVING husband hesitate to be concerned about his wife who is deathly afraid of water being missing from a boat late at night on a miserable rainy night after he already saw her dressed in her nightgown and knows she isn't familiar with how to operate the dinghy, one that had a broken headlight, on an island where there was no place to go?

A: There isn't a person existing who isn't a liar if they answer yes to this question.

Q: Would a CARING husband identify his own wife.

A: In most cases.

Q: Would a CURIOUS husband demand of the authorities answers to what could have happened to his wife? Was there a squall that capsized the dinghy? Could an intruder have been in the area? Were there any other strange happenings that same night? Does ANYONE have ANY clue why his wife was found drowned?

A: You'd think any man who knew nothing about how his wife ended up floating in the ocean would have QUESTIONS. Natalie Wood's husband had NONE.  Stands to reason one only has questions when he doesn't already know the answers.

Real Fathers:

Q: How long might a father have waited had he noticed a daughter missing from a yacht near midnight on an island with no place to go?

A: A father would've been screaming for help and demanding every drop of help from his on board skipper.

Real People:

Q: Would REAL people have ever stalled a search for a missing woman who is afraid of water?

A: No. The REAL skipper who knew something was wrong  was told to not do anything by the only person who knew Natalie was in grave danger. The REAL skipper still wanted to do something, but the husband of the missing wife convinced him she would be back.

Q: Would REAL people want to help if they'd been notified someone was missing?

A: Yes, REAL people would've turned on lights and made calls but they weren't notified of a missing person the night Natalie went missing. The REAL couple who heard cries for help called for help immediately but none arrived as the harbormaster was home in bed assuming there were no people in his harbor who would allow a woman to die.


  1. Q.)What on God's green earth happened to common sense that night?

    A.)Wagner drowned it in alcohol...after making sure Natlie would drown in the cold dark water.

  2. Wagner had no questions because he already knew all the answers. He was there.

  3. Horrible, horrible. Mr. Wagner is a proven liar. How he has been able to live with himself can only be that he has convinced himself of his own lies.

  4. Q. What husband doesn't ask questions of authorities, doesn't intend to go to his beloved wife's funeral, and starts dating another woman WEEKS after his wife's death?

    A. Not an innocent one.