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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Petition to Re-Open Natalie Wood Case: Sign on Mother's Day! Natalie Wood was a Wonderful Mother.

Reopen Investigation of Natalie Wood's death Petition

Thank you to all who have recently signed the petition. Natalie Wood was a loving mother who deserved to spend a full life with her daughters, and they deserved to have her around for decades longer than the short time they were able to share with her. When Natalie gave birth to her daughter Natasha, it illuminated her life. She knew, finally, the truest meaning of love. When she gave birth to her daughter, Courtney, she was amazed at her capacity to love and care for her cherished daughters. Although her parenting ideas may have gone in a different direction than had HER mother's, she learned so much more about her own mother through loving her own daughters.

At at party Natalie once co-hosted for Polish and Russian visitors to Los Angeles, she and her parents served as helpful translators for those in the group who couldn't speak English. It was a day Natalie bonded with her mother and saw how her mother was truly a person who seemed thrilled to help others, how she drew satisfaction from being part of a support team. Natalie saw many wonderful qualities in her mother and appreciated her mother, and she recognized that the differences she had with her mother are universal differences: the type most every mother/daughter relationship goes through when daughters become women. Natalie had hoped to make the change from young woman to adult as easy as possible for her beloved daughters, but she never got the chance.

These are Natalie's words:

As far as personal relationships go, I recall another line from "Splendor" - "I now see my parents as people, not as Mother and Father."  My parents and I visit each other frequently, but we no longer are burdened with overwhelming ideas about what parents and children should be like.

Yes, Natalie had learned, long before her daughters were born that she would let them be who they were born to be. She wanted to guide them, to help them, and to nurture them, but she never would have interfered with their very beings. In her too brief time with her daughters, she left a forever imprint designed of nothing but love.


  1. Well said Marti! Many times Natalie's mother is portrayed as some sort of demon. She loved her daughter, but she was also a woman who had great drive and wanted to see her daughter succeed.

    I read an article from 1979 where Natalie thanked her mother for everything she had. Natalie said that she knew she would never have had the success she experienced if not for her mother...she was genuinely grateful.

  2. Thank you, Kevin. Natalie loved her family very much. As with any family, there were issues, but none that ever stopped her from loving her sisters and parents. Dennis said Natalie's family was rarely on the boat, but Natalie's mother, "Mud", did not like boating. Lana was rarely invited aboard because RJ wanted the boat to be the immediate family's get-away. Lana was always invited to every party, holiday dinner, affair, etc., that was held at the Wagner family home. The boat was mostly used for private family outings and for entertaining friends and co-stars, and for all-men fishing day trips.

  3. hey whats up with the signatures on the petition? simone bells name was there a couple days ago and now its gone. what gives?