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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little plan for my vacation this year

Since 1992, almost every summer we vacation at the same place. Wildwood, NJ, or "The Wildwoods" as they are called because there is Wildwood Crest, Wildwood (itself), and North Wildwood. We've stayed in all three districts, as the boardwalk is accessible from any section, one that includes three piers, water parks, arcades, amusements, great restaurants and free ocean beach the entire length of a two-mile long boardwalk famous for "Watch the Tram-car, Please" -- the female recorded voice from the 50's that all the constantly running tramcars play so you'll get out of their way.

Wildwood used to be called "Little Vegas" and it has maintained the charm of the 60's and 70's (famous area doo-wop era) but the Wildwood Convention Center features all kinds of great current bands, and there are beach concerts and night beach movies and fireworks every Friday Night. The night clubs are trendy and always packed. Every server carries a tray of appletinis in glass tubes around.

The Crest is the quietest, the middle (Wildwood) is more active, lots of young people, and North Wildwood is a mix. It's a great place for all ages and destined to be one of the vacation capitals of the world as every year there are vast improvements on an already fantastic place. Lot's of beautiful condos replaced old buildings, but historic blocks remain. And historic, charming Cape May is right next door.
I guess you could call us "regulars" -- although one year we went to Cancun and I remember saying I missed Wildwood. Another year we went to Myrtle Beach and I remember saying I missed Wildwood. The year we went to DisneyWorld, I admit that I did not miss Wildwood, but it was good to get back there the next year, and that's where we've gone since, usually renting a townhouse in North Wildwood or a house in the Crest, depending on the mood that year. This summer, I'm looking forward to the Crest. We usually have about 8 to 12 residents, and many people visit. Sometimes our friends rent the same week, and our cousin has a summer house there, so the socializing is constant, and you don't dare sneak off to Wildwood without telling everyone or your friends and family stay mad at you for months. 

Why am I posting this at my Natalie Wood/book blog? Maybe just because I love the place so much I don't mind promoting it (I do highly recommend it), but maybe also because I've got vacation on the brain: I don't think I've ever been looking forward to one more.
Maybe I'm nostalgic tonight, too. I read my very first "beach book" on the Wildwood Crest beach when I was 14 while vacationing for two weeks as a couple's babysitter for three young kids. Those kids were great and I had a blast with them on the boardwalk, and I felt like I grew up and got wise to the world that summer with "Valley of the Dolls" on the beach and the movie "Sex and the Single Girl" starring Natalie Wood on the boardwalk, although it had been out for a while, I got to see it that year on one of my free nights. Bell bottoms were just becoming the rage that year, and who said they would never return? I also wore my first bikini ... and the freckles across my nose were considered "in."
Is there anything that compares to young, warm memories?
But, I'm also planning this summer to test a down coat in the ocean. I will film it and will post a YouTube video of the experience. It's not that I don't have confidence in my backyard test, it's just that I want a recording of the ocean experience, too.  I know that down coats are the most buoyant thing you can depend on in water, but I want to see how ocean currents affect the ability to maneuver around.

In the meantime, if you are planning a vacation, The Wildwoods will surprise you!
New Jersey has some of the nicest beaches in the world. New Jersey is not the armpit of New York and those jokes fade fast the minute you visit the real New Jersey. Here's a link about The Wildwoods, and I bet you'll be singing the little tune about it, even if you never visit. (wait for the video)

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  1. Marti, I already booked a vacation in Ocean City, Maryland for this summer, but I've heard how nice Wildwood is and looked at the website, and am thinking about giving it a try next summer. Thank you for mentioning this, it was nice to read something personal about you, and, whew, I agree: you could use a vacation. I hope you enjoy it. KLM

  2. Marti,

    Have you ever been to Cape May, New Jersey ? My husband and I love to go there. It is located at the southern tip of NJ.on the ocean. Cape May has over 600 restored Victorian B&Bs , hotels , restaurants and homes. It is so beautiful.