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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A revised review at Amazon

"Creed" had written a wonderful review for Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour, and took it down to edit. Here's Creed's more precise 5-star review. (Thank you, I appreciate yours and everyone's support of the truth in GNGS).

This Amazon review is from: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour (Hardcover)

For nearly three decades the facts of what happened to Natalie Wood on that fateful weekend back in Nov. of 1981 have been shrouded by a perfect storm of lies, deceit and incompetence. In this book Marti Rulli deftly peels back the layers to showcase once and for all the sad, troubling truth of the death of Natalie Wood.

It is the story as told by Dennis Davern, the skipper of Splendour, the 60 foot yacht owned by Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood. Author Rulli, chronicles for us the last 48 hours of Natalie's life and the 28 year struggle that she and Davern endured to bring to light the tragic, preventable and woefully wrongful death of Miss Wood.

When you read about how botched the investigation was, you will get angry. When you read about how Wagner used every trick in his aresenal to make sure that no one ever learned the truth about how Natalie died, you'll get even angrier and by the time you close the back cover of this book you will have gone through an emotional upheaval that will haunt you forever.

Natalie was found dead, floating face down, bruised and abraised in the cold, dark,unforgiving water that she feared her entire lifetime. To believe for one minute the tale of her trying to secure a noisy raft at the swim step on a cold, drizzly night on a 60 foot yacht (as asserted by Wagner) is beyond preposterous. She had a skipper to perform such mundane tasks and in fact it was this very mundane task that was already completed earlier that evening by Dennis Davern. Robert Wagner then offered the fairytale that Natalie had taken the dinghy out alone. A dinghy that she had never in her life started or even attempted to learn how to start. Then, wearing only a nightgown, a pair of socks, a red down jacket and missing an earring decided to go party-hopping on other boats moored at the marina. Just how stupid does Wagner think we are?

The Coronor at the time, Thomas Noguchi, ruled Natalie's death an accidental drowning. He concluded that she received her many bruises by struggling in the water and attempting to board the dinghy. The problem with that theory is that Natalie was found wearing her wool socks, socks that fall off very easily when kicking around in the water. Marti proved this simple but crucial point. Wool socks don't stay on feet that are submerged and Noguchi got it wrong. The haphazard, rushed and incomplete investigation never came close to uncovering the truth. To call this investigation competent and thorough is to whelp the English language until it begs for mercy. To say that no investigation occurred at all is so glaringly obvious it further begs the question " How much does it cost to cover up a murder? " God only knows.

This book covers alot of ground, it pulls into harsh focus the tragic if not criminal truth about Robert Wagner and his direct involvement with the anything but acidental death of a vibrant young woman and mother of two little girls.

*"May justice be done though the heavens fall"

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  1. This is a blunt review, but the most truthful and accurate one at Amazon. I admire Creed's perception. I didn't see this at Amazon, thanks for posting it here. H. Lange