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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Robert Wagner on GMA 092308


  1. I notice when RJ talkes about the dinghy banging against the boat theory that unfortunately most of the public still believes, he always starts by saying "What WE think happened is WE think she went to move the dinghy, blah, blah, blah...he makes it sound like those who were involved all agree thats really what occured. By saying WE, I guess its supposed to sound more ligitimate. Thank you Marti and Dennis for sticking to your guns and getting this book published, we Natalie Wood fans stand behind you!!!!!

  2. Yes, Deborah, you are perceptive. Wagner DOES always phrase things that way. "We THINK this. We THINK that." That way, if someone points out something to the contrary or something that doesn't make sense, he can say, "Well, we don't KNOW for sure. It's just a theory."

    One would think that a devoted, loving husband would not have to resort to guesses and speculation to explain what happened to his wife almost 29 years ago. He was a big star--why didn't he demand that a thorough investigation be done and every single possibility be explored? Why live with 29 years of guessing and speculation, unless of course, you already knew the answer?

    Wagner did not ask any questions of the authorities or any possible witnesses (Marilyn Wayne and John Payne). Wayne and Payne could've been the last people to hear Natalie alive. Why wouldn't Wagner want to talk to them at all?

    Wagner didn't ask because he already knew how Natalie got in the water. He made sure that she did.

    When the time comes, St. Peter won't be fooled by Wagner's guesses.

  3. Exactly, well said...since reading GNGS, its very evident Wagner did VERY little to find out anything, that alone speaks for itself. Hypothetical question for you, no one seems to know how she got the down jacket on, do you think after they had a tussel in their stateroom, Wagner exited towards the rear cockpit to cool off but Natalie not through speaking her piece, quickly grabbed her jacket put it on and followed him out. She may have said something to him that hit a nerve and the argument got physical again knocking her to the deck where she incurred the abrasion on her cheek and forehead from the rough textured surface. He then grabbed her ankles and dragged her towards him, picked her up and threw her over. And theres no great mystery about why she had socks on, lots of people go to bed with socks on, especially considering the cool November night...just a thought.

  4. Has there been any discussion of spousal abuse..or a one time thing on the boat. My friend said...could her wounds have been defense wounds on her arms? Don't know about the bruising on the back of her legs and ankles? I know what the Coroner has stated.

  5. yes. most definitley those could and probably were defense wounds on her arms inflicted while in the bedroon before, I'm assuming, she or someone else put the down jacket on.