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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gratitude and Awe

Thank you all for your emails and comments. I am eternally grateful to all of you for your support and concern for "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour."
And, yes, I am aware of and in awe of the controversy displayed at various Internet sites and discussion forums but the awe stems not from those who question facts, but from those who insist upon distorting the polygraphed account of a witness to the tragic weekend of Natalie Wood's death and the documented facts about the Natalie Wood case. Oh, how I wish I had such time on my hands.

As I commented before, GNGS speaks for itself, but in regards to the legitimate question of why we "waited so long" I will explain that over and over. Why Dennis withheld his information from the authorities at the scene and for a few years after is PART of the story. The myriad reasons for his choices do not excuse him, but it certainly EXPLAINS HIM. He is human: he made mistakes, but he is willing to own up to those mistakes and move forward. He is willing to cooperate with authorities.

Through the years, I patiently waited for him to tell things at his own pace because I recognized his dilemma and utter confusion over the "right choice" to make. I never once coerced information from him but I did offer my opinion of what the right move should be and I constantly encouraged Dennis to contact authorities, but that sometimes created more confusion for Dennis. Of all the people you hope to stand behind truth and justice, you would expect it from the law, but they seemed unwilling to cooperate. That was easier for them. It would eliminate the need to admit their shortcomings. It was a Sheriff's Department handling Natalie's death and Sheriff's Departments can't afford blunders, and sometimes politics does get in the way of justice, and it lingers. That doesn't mean there is no hope for reopening the Wood case. In fact, there are high hopes for it and I'm not the only person working toward that goal.

The Internet adversaries are entitled to their thoughts and have every right to voice their opinions, but their bizarre tangents only enforce the important need to reopen the Natalie Wood case.

I've always been fond of proverbs, especially the ancient Chinese ones and I read a couple today that apply to my philosophy and pride in my accomplishments for Natalie's case.
Deer-hunter, waste not your arrow on the hare.
I keep my eye on the "deer" so all of the nonsense being posted here and there may sometimes awe me and frustrate me, but it never distracts me.

Another proverb I like is “Will not yield despite a hundred setbacks ”
Oh, we've experienced our setbacks and disappointments, but the goal here is bigger than all of us put together. It's justice for a woman who truly deserves it, as any one of us deserves in the face of such a tragic, convoluted event. Natalie paid with her life because she wanted a pleasant, social, lighthearted boat outing with her guest, friend and costar Christopher Walken.  She deserves justice and there isn't an intimidation existing that will stop the decent, caring people from going after justice, even after all of these years.

The adversaries who think that the supporters of justice for Natalie are all conspiracy-minded fools are dead wrong.  Amongst supporters are doctors, psychologists, sociologists, authors, lawyers and many, many decent, justice-oriented citizens who know that when it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it usually IS a duck.

Truly, I appreciate you and thank you. Please know I am hard at work and will provide updates as soon as available. If you have any questions, please ask them here.


  1. Marti, what I admire most is your integrity in the face of opposition. You amaze me and I stand behind you all the way. I wish Dennis would've told the authorities what he knew the day they came to investigate, but I also understand that he is the one who waited through the night with Robert Wagner. How his mind must have raced! I do not fault him his period of indecision one bit, and if no one wanted to give you the time of day along this long journey, you've proved all of them as onstacles you can and did surmount. I applaud you. I am a teacher.

  2. Hi, Marti:

    I, too, admire your integrity and resolve, and that is what I stated in my Amazon review--I have been so moved by what you have done and what you continue to do for Natalie. The obstacles, including threats, that you have faced would've deterred people with less conviction and soul.

    I also admire your graciousness and restraint in responding to some of those who oppose your efforts and even distort and convolute details. In addition to criticizing you and Dennis, some have disparaged the character and memory of a woman who can no longer speak for herself. That is outrageous. I get so angry sometimes at what people have claimed, and I've made it clear in some of my postings.

    So, the first proverb you cite about not wasting arrows on hares is especially relevant to me. It is hard to remember and practice sometimes--personally, I need to try harder in that area. But I get so angry because I care so much--about Natalie and about justice.

    I believe that Natalie is in a better place than we are, and she knows and sees what you have been working so hard on, Marti. Thank you.


  3. Once again, Marianne, thank you for your understanding and support. Without the many people who stand beside me on this, I'm not so sure I could maintain the stamina all of this takes.
    Again, I will repeat something that keeps me going: all I need do to ignore all of the fabrications and bitterness out there is to think of Natalie in that ocean, floating and wondering when help would arrive. It tears me apart to think that she might've thought "of course Dennis will make sure I'm rescued" and I can understand why Dennis drove himself into a hole while thinking that same thought. I think of her getting near the end and wondering about her daughters.
    Dennis wanted to help her and I believe Natalie knows that. He also wanted to believe in the man he had come to respect and care about: his boss, Wagner, who completely threw him off course that night.
    It is all so terribly sad, that when I think of her in that ocean with her thoughts, I know that she deserves her experience to be told. With new information that has surfaced, I have no doubt that my long-time belief is correct: Natalie suffered one of the most drawn out, harrowing deaths imaginable. How and why it happened will always be important. There are certain things that cannot go ignored forever. Thank you again. Marti

  4. Marti, I wonder sometimes if Robert Wagner might be relieved this story has finally been told.

    I would imagine the guilt must weigh very heavy on him at times. He seems to have dealt with it alright on the outside , but two things make me think he's a troubled man.

    First, the story he tells in his book about thinking he bought two plots in the cemetery Natalie is buried in, Westwood Memorial Park. It turns out he only bought one. I just can't believe a person would forget something like that. Also, his failure to include Natalie Wood's name on the dedication page of his book "Pieces of My Heart." How could he leave off the mother of his daughter, Courtney?

    Is he trying to tell us something?

  5. Kevin:

    I think this was alreay answered by another poster in another thread, but I will repeat it here, just for continuity's sake...

    Wagner did not purchase those plots. Natalie did--she bought multiple ones, too. After Natalie died, Wagner sold the surrounding plots to Neile McQueen, Steve's ex-wife. Their daughter, Terry, is buried on one side of Natalie. Terry's stepfather, Arnold, is buried in the other, and on the other side of Terry is Howard Jeffrey, Natalie's good friend.

    I saw all of this when I visited Natalie's grave a short while ago. It was striking just how MUCH space was there--it was obvious that Natalie intended to have several of her family members there--her, Wagner, and their daughters.

    I am sure that the same thing that kept Wagner from identifying Natalie's body and the thing that made him initially balk at attending her funeral is same thing that kept him from envisioning himself buried next to her--because he is the reason that she was placed there far, far too early.

  6. Kevin:

    And yes, not dedicating the book to Natalie is just inexplicable. I wish someone would ask Wagner about that. Then again, it seemed that his interviews about his book were all prepared, and he didn't have to answer to tough things.

    He dedicated his book to all of "the most significant women in my life." He also had a two-page acknowledgement list at the back--again, Natalie was not in it. He managed to include the FRIENDS of his daughter--his omission of Natalie was glaring.