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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Splendour Dinghy Ropes

This photo shows where the rear deck argument occured. Where the person is standing on the bridge is where Dennis was located the night Natalie fought her last argument with her husband. Where Wagner is by the swimstep door is where one of the dinghy lines was tied to a cleat, and the other line was tied to a cleat at the top of the transom all the way across the rear wall (12 feet across), and there is no need to ever enter the swimstep to adjust dinghy lines as the lines would be adjusted one at a time from the deck. A float-away dinghy is virtually impossible. The dinghy was tied to the two cleats shown in this diagram, flush against the swimstep with two lines, one at each end of the transom wall.
Dennis saw the couple on the rear deck and he heard the couple on the rear deck, moments before Natalie was no longer on the boat.

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  1. This photo really helps to explain how the dingy was tied. I couldn't picture it by just reading the book. I don't understand why this wasn't investigated further.