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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Three men were left standing the night Natalie Wood went missing from her yacht, Splendour. Two celebrities, Natalie's co-star and boat guest, Christopher Walken, and her husband, TV actor, Robert Wagner. And there was Dennis Davern the "hired captain" -- the "boat caretaker" as Wagner later called him. When asked by authorities what transpired over the weekend, all three men said, "It was a pleasant weekend and we don't know what might've happened." ALL THREE MEN LIED THE MORNING NATALIE'S BODY WAS FOUND, and a NEGLIGENT detective believed them.

Robert Wagner had asked Dennis Davern throughout the night to lie. He told him to say NOTHING to authorities about what the weekend had really been like. He asked Dennis to only speak through an attorney he would hire for him. Dennis didn't like it, but he obeyed.  Christopher Walken lied because he wanted to protect his celebrity, too. The two celebrities were not and are not "gentlemen" -- they are liars, just like Dennis Davern WAS a liar. All three men had been drinking heavily, and ALL THREE MEN LIED to protect themselves from hard questions AND SUSPICION.  But one knew immediately that he would not lie forever. Dennis Davern. The two celebrities determined to always keep the deep dark secret that it had been a very unpleasant weekend, and that Wagner had accused Walken of wanting to have sex with Natalie when he smashed a wine bottle before having a terrible marital argument with her in their stateroom. The argument carried over to the back deck and stayed there until Natalie went missing. Davern witnessed it.

Dennis Davern, because he had been threatened and warned and followed started to tell only parts of his story, to "test the repercussions" (he DID fear for his own life, just as Marilyn Wayne who was a witness to cries for help feared for her life after receiving threats). Dennis eventually told his entire truth and I wrote his account for Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour. I stayed true to his words and Dennis had his account polygraphed and he passed the tests administered by a top polygraphist who worked in criminal law for over 25 years. 

Dennis Davern's account of what transpired the night Natalie Wood died is the truth about the circumstances surrounding Natalie Wood's death. There are no lies told in his detailed account. The two celebrities who shared the weekend with Natalie--her co-star and her husband-- have been proven to be liars by Dennis's polygraphed account along with supporting evidence of his account. Neither of them will voluntarily agree to a polygraph because they would not/could not pass it, UNLESS they told the SAME story Dennis Davern has told.

There are two remaining liars left standing. They say nothing because they cannot refute Dennis's story.
Dennis has owned up to his mistakes and has told the complete truth and the complete truth is being accepted.

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